Additional Emphasis on Aboriginal Traditions in Compelling Life Protocol

The last couple of weeks a team of friends has been helping me develop our protocol for adolescent development to be more inclusive of Aboriginal teachings. We primarily focused on developing a component that would take Tipi Teachings and Four Directions teachings from the Cree tradition and use them in the Values Development Section of the Compelling Life protocol and where participants identify the areas of life where they seek to develop mastery.

I found this to be particularly important for training in the Group Homes that have largely Indigenous youth, but also in the outreach where I serve in the Corrections Centre.

Among staff in the Group Homes and inmates at Corrections the primary areas of mastery are largely Spiritual (connecting to something meaningful and larger than self) relational (connecting to family or learning how to form healthy relationships) and character (improving emotional health and well-being including sobriety). The Tipi Teachings lend themselves to these concepts.


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