DACA: Another Reason for Youth Mistrust


DACA was a promise to hundreds of thousands of young people raised on US soil (around 800,000). It is a primary example of why there is so much anxiety among today’s youth and why they are so mistrusting of adults.

Young people have seen that Baby Boomers (my generation) will throw them under the bus if they are an inconvenience or inhibit expedience. The high anxiety rates among young people today is not simply attributable to a rise in mental illness but to the lack of stability they find in the adults in their lives and the systems surrounding them. 

Trust is the language of the traumatized and the currency of trust is consistency. This action will lead to trauma in the lives of a generation of young US citizens. It will undermine the fiber of their belief in this country (which was already fragile in many cases to begin with). To describe it as anything other than an act to appeal and curry favor among a small group of racists supporting the Trump WH is to close an eye and wink at the truth.

Cheers to tech companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft that have already pledged to block the president and congress at every turn should they try to criminalize and deport these young people.

Write your congress person to address this issue immediately, resolve DACA and the Dream Act now, it is an emergency no less than the Hurricanes battering the south coast of the US. Demand they include a path to permanent status for those who were brought up on the promises and soil of the US. No more being punted (quoting Kellyanne Conway) around at the whim of political expedience and systemic inconvenience.


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