Easy Grid for Understanding Outcomes for Adolescents in Group Home Care

Maturity/Interdependence Grid


Values-Based Decision Making

“I make decisions based upon my values rather than my circumstances or peers.”

Impulse Control

“I can delay gratification for longer term rewards.”

Social Capital

“I am building a network of caring people I can turn to when I face challenges or need assistance.”


Healthy Dependence on Self

“I can safely rely on myself when others are not healthy.”

Healthy Dependence on Others



Low interdependence

Low maturity



High Interdependence

Low maturity



High Interdependence

High Maturity



Low interdependence

High Maturity


“I can safely rely on others when I’m not healthy.”



Quadrant #1

(im) Low interdependence, low maturity

Youth in this quadrant have low maturity and poor relational skills.

Exhibit Aversive Behaviours

Quadrant #2

(Im) High Interdependence, low maturity

Youth in this area have a false sense of interdependence (anti-dependence) and exhibit low maturity.

Exhibit Defiant Behaviours

Quadrant #3

(iM) Low interdependence, High Maturity

Youth in this area have poor relational skills and a false sense of Maturity.

High “street smarts” but poor relational choices

Quadrant #4

(IM) High Interdependence Skills and High Maturity

Youth in this area have high Interdependence skills and high Maturity.


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