Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#10)

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COVID 19 Links


Coronavirus FAQs: How To Stay Safe While Protesting, When To Go Out After Recovery

Caravan For Justice: Cars Offer Socially Distanced Protesting During Pandemic

Are Schools Ready for What Comes Next?

Teaching program empowering next generation of language keepers

How to Keep Children’s Stress From Turning Into Trauma

8 art documentaries to stream if you can't visit a gallery

5 Daily Wellness Tips to Improve Your Health Now

Turn a Pool Noodle into Horse Stick | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents


Return to School, UNICEF

WHO updates guidance on masks for health workers and the public - here's what you need to know

What's 'Safe' — And Not — For Kids This Summer

10 Great Virtual Summer Camps and Classes For Kids

15 virtual summer camps for kids

How to Teach Kids to Listen, Change Their Minds

10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Anger or a Bad Mood

If Summer Teen Jobs Are Hard to Find, Try Entrepreneurship

Step 1: How to Start Walking


Walking with friends

Young People Might Not Loot If They Had More at Stake

It’s Not Summer Schools Children Need, It’s Understanding

Kids will need recess more than ever when returning to school post-coronavirus

Coronavirus: Are kids as safe as we thought?

COVID-19 Is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem: Our Planet’s Ailing Health

Math anxiety in children may stem from insecure attachment, study suggests

Water babies swim school launches free daily classes to help parents teach little ones at home

15 Marvelous Middle School Books With Happy Endings

Children’s Books About Camping | Parenting Tips & Advice | PBS KIDS for Parents


CNN and 'Sesame Street' to host a town hall addressing racism

How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race

Scenes made from Lego help teach children about social distancing

Sask. student co-hosts online youth network to give teens a place to talk

How Covid-19 is changing the world’s children - BBC Future

Social bubbles may be the best way for societies to emerge from lockdown

6 Survival Skills You Can Practice in Quarantine


These Inclusive Children's Books Show Kids That Different is Beautiful

This is how the lockdown is going to impact kids and teens for years to come

Lockdown loneliness is going to have a worse long-term impact on teenagers’ mental health ? View

How to Help Teens Practice Mindfulness

Sask. residents feel COVID-19 stress – but report better mental health than other provinces

How Indigenous Communities Are Battling Coronavirus Alone

Building Kids' Resilience through Play Is More Crucial than Ever

7 Mental Health Coping Tips in Wake of Coronavirus

Working from home while trying to parent? Feel like you're failing at both? You're not alone | CBC News

What To Do With Your Kids Now That Summer's Cancelled

Ways to Stay Motivated When Every Day Is the Same as Yesterday

How To Say No To Social Gatherings That Don't Feel Safe Right Now

Teaching Remotely for Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion

Kids need physical education – even when they can't get it at school


Talking to kids about discrimination

Race and Ethnicity: Tolerance 

Vancouver Métis herbalist helps seed reconciliation with medicine wheel garden

Jingle dress dancers spread good vibes through Facebook

Here’s what we now know about how coronavirus affects kids

We need to get all Canadian students online quickly in the face of pandemic uncertainty

Don't Give Kids "Chores." Teach Them That Helping out Is Part of Being a Family.

Is it Safe to Swim During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

My Teens Want To Know When Life Will Be Normal Again, And I Don’t Know What To Tell Them

Wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing Actually Work to Contain COVID-19, According to a New Study


'Have Faith.' Princeton's First Black Valedictorian on Graduating Into a Global Pandemic

27 books to help you talk to your kids about racism 

How to Be an Activist When You're Unable to Attend Protests

The coronavirus pandemic is a 'defining moment' for Gen Z — Here's how it's impacting their future

Sask. teens open up about uncertain future amid pandemic

Why Your Positivity Right Now Might Offend Others (and What to Do Instead)

Planning a Canadian vacation? Some provinces may be off limits. Here's what you need to know

10 Creative Ways to Indulge in Regular Self-Care

13 Hard-Hitting YA Novels To Read ASAP


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