Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#12)

COVID 19 Links

In addition to my "new normal" 7 days of links, I would like to invite you to listen to our Youth-Led Podcasts on COVID-19. You can find them on our Facebook page, "Youth Voices Today."

I'd also like to make a special commendation to the University of Regina's STEM YouTube series, Couch Potato Lab, which can be found at They have activities for children, tweens, teens and families that can keep your children learning throughout the summer. They also offer campus tours (once the pandemic allows it).


Teen’s Short Film Hauntingly Captures How A Pandemic Loop Feels

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine.

Teen Protester's Appeal To The World: 'Just See Me As A Human First'

Regina Public Schools diversity committee report recommends how schools can celebrate Pride

New podcast series highlights Indigenous voices

When Your Teen Isn’t Just Social Distancing, But Self-Isolating

Pandemic has left my normally upbeat son depressed about his future. How can I help him? Ask Ellie

Which group streaming app works best for your social distancing needs?

What It's Like to Be an Advice Columnist During a Global Pandemic


10 Movies & TV Shows to Help Teach Your Kids About American Slavery

Wanuskewin goes digital to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day 


Coronavirus, Racism And Kindness: How NYC Middle-Schoolers Built A Winning Podcast

We're ‘finished’ if we don't change after coronavirus, warns naturalist Jane Goodall

'Climate Change Is Racial Injustice': Students Speak Their Truth In Winning Podcast

COVID-19 emergency measures 'made a profound difference'

'Did you know that?': Sask. 7-year-old's curiosity leads to educational YouTube channel

I redesigned a school playground for my PhD – and the children got better grades learning outside

STR8 UP: 10,000 Little Steps to Healing, Inc.

Métis concerts posted weekly on GDI Facebook page and YouTube channel

Cultural Humility: The Practice You May Not Doing, But Should Be

Apple to Offer Virtual Version of Its Apple Camp Program for Kids and Parents

Why getting your kid’s head in the clouds is a good thing

Sorry, it’s too soon to stop quarantining. Here’s how to design a bubble that keeps you safe

7 Trans and Nonbinary People on Why We Need More Trans-Inclusive Therapists 

State Lawmakers Race the Clock to Prevent Hundreds of Foster Youth from Aging Out Alone 


It's Scary to Think About the Future. But What I Know About My Generation Gives Me Hope

The Power of Listening for Helping People Change 

5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall, And Beyond

GirlTrek Uses Black Women's History To Encourage Walking As A Healing Tradition

Tell Siri you're getting pulled over and this iPhone shortcut will record your interaction with the police

The COVID-19 pandemic is remapping childhood—and the effects may linger

A Teacher Ponders Risk Of Returning To Work While Being Paid Less Than Unemployment

Positive discipline 101: How to rein in your kids when the pandemic changes the relationship

Heroes of the pandemic: North Bay teens made a do-it-yourself sterilizer kit that can kill the COVID-19 virus 

Why a second round of Covid-19 lockdowns might not be as effective

Imagine This! is a 'little radio playground' for Regina children in isolation during pandemic

CAMH survey shows pandemic affecting mental health, but anxiety levels may be easing

Public bathrooms carry coronavirus risks. Here's how to be careful

Can coronavirus live on your clothes and shoes? Here's what we know

Covid-19: what kind of face mask gives the best protection against coronavirus?


'Dear NPR': In Postcards From The Shutdown, Kids Show Us Life — And Learning

Younger children’s mental health suffering during lockdown

Under 20s around half as susceptible to COVID-19, study finds

Resources to Help Children Experiencing Potential Learning Loss

1Explainer: The coronavirus risks of everyday activities as economies reopen

Is It Safe to Send My Child Back to Daycare with COVID-19?

2 Summer Jobs Teens Can Do From Home or While Social Distancing

Can I host a kids party in my backyard? Your COVID-19 questions answered | CBC News


No lockdown should 2nd wave of COVID-19 hit Sask.: Chief medical health officer

#Nurses2020: Leading the first Indigenous nursing program

20 Virtual Summer Camps to Keep Your Child Busy When the Days Are Long

5 Ways to Excite Reluctant Writers - Not So Wimpy Teacher

How schools will look and change as secondary kids head back from today


Walking with Elders

Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown

Socialize outside and wear a mask to limit COVID-19 spread: Expert

Are the kids going to be okay?

America Is Done With COVID-19. COVID-19 Isn’t Done With America


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