Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#13)

COVID 19 Links

For youth voices podcast about responses to COVID-29, please check out our Facebook page, Youth Voices Today. Topics include: Mental Health, Education, Running Away, Being at home during physical distancing.


Want To Be Happier? Evidence-Based Tricks To Get You There

COVID-19: how to deal with our cognitive biases 

Zoom chats short circuit a brain function essential for trust: Don Pittis | CBC News

Police in Regina remind social media buyers, sellers to stay safe during meet-ups

Homelessness ‘uniquely dangerous’ for women, researchers report

50 Kindergarten Books to Help Foster a Love of Reading

I Will Provide My Kids’ Needs, But They Need To Pay For Their Wants

15 Online Classes You & Your Kids Can Take Together

Mandryk: Despite recent spikes, Shahab's faith in Sask. people rewarded 


Young people urged to take virus more seriously as pandemic worsens in U.S.

Here’s How to End an Argument in 5 Quick Steps

These parents created a 'Common Sense Camp' to teach their kids basic life skills while quarantining


Essential Vocab For COVID-19: From Asymptomatic To Zoonotic

Coronavirus FAQs: Is There A Polite Way To Remind Someone To Follow Pandemic Rules?


'We can take this uncertainty and mould it into what we dream to see;' Saskatoon's high school valedictorians deliver speeches during unprecedented times


Mindfulness for Kids - Mindful

Parties — Not Protests — Are Causing Spikes In Coronavirus

Navigating The Coming Out Conversation — From Both Sides

Schools need to reopen: Continued closures will only widen the divide in learning

6-year-old's pizzas raising money to help feed other kids during COVID-19

Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2

First Traces of COVID-19 Vaccine


Five Indigenous teens you should know

Indigenous reps to serve as apprentice coaches at Canada Summer Games

Developing resilience is an important tool to help you deal with coronavirus and the surge in cases

It’s Time to Use Our Moral Imagination

This Hilarious 'Goodnight Moon' Parody Nails Pandemic Parenting

Sask. parents not yet comfortable sending kids back to school, COVID-19 survey suggests

What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns

All You Wanted To Know About Coronavirus Vaccine Science But Were Afraid To Ask

Bleak UNICEF Report On Kids And COVID-19 ... But There Is Hope

City of Regina to open one outdoor pool this season

Cheer Crates support Saskatoon families during pandemic


Gottman black children stress 

Pediatrician weighs in on Sask. back-to-school guidelines

Not Sure What You're Feeling? Journaling Can Help

Research suggests rise of ‘turbo relationships’ occurring in lockdown

10 Best Ways to Increase Dopamine Levels Naturally

6 Free Children’s Ebooks on the Coronavirus

Regina councillors want to discuss reopening outdoor pools for summer 2020

It’s Ridiculous to Treat Schools Like Covid Hot Zones

Some countries reconsider 2-metre rule for physical distancing, but not here | CBC News

Youth organize digital town hall to urge change on social issues 

SARCAN starts offering recycling services to the public again

50 Must-Read Books for 6th Graders

Why Nighttime Rituals Make Bedtime Easier For The Whole Family


COVID-19: This is when life will return to normal, according to the experts

Gottman Institute: Navigating Anxiety in Childhood

Covid-19 Has Made Parents Into the Bad Guy

Is It Safe to Take My Kids to Disney World?

The Loneliness Epidemic

WHO says record number of coronavirus cases isn't just because of more testing

Yes, Wearing Masks Helps. Here's Why

More than half of Canadians want to keep 2-metre distancing rule, poll finds

Pediatrician explains important conversations you should be having with your kids during the pandemic

Is there a big risk of getting coronavirus from food? The CDC has an answer

FHQTC launches contest to keep youth members active and engaged during Covid-19

How to Teach Kids the Difference Between Facts and Opinions

Here’s what heading back to school in a pandemic will look like for Saskatchewan students

At our middle school, teaching about Juneteenth means getting creative

10 Fun Math Activities for Kindergarteners

11 Addition Worksheets for First Through Third Graders

Indigenous History on Social Media


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