Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#14)

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A Year of Play

This Book Teaches Kids 'How To Solve A Problem' Like A Rock Climber Would

Practising mindfulness can help us through the coronavirus pandemic

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water. Here's How

Weird but true: lockdown has made many families happier

International Flights Are Ramping Up. Slowly. And With Plenty Of Caveats


Youth like Michelle Chubb are using social networking platform to educate and connect with other youth

For Some Black Americans, Love Of Country Means Holding It Accountable

VIDEO: Frederick Douglass' Descendants Deliver His 'Fourth Of July' Speech

Till Victory Is Won: The Staying Power Of 'Lift Every Voice And Sing'

Why Some Young People Fear Social Isolation More Than COVID-19

Coronavirus FAQs: Is It Safe To Dine Indoors — Or Outdoors?

Lockdown: 65% children became device addictive, reveals study

Here's How To Get Others to Follow Social Distancing Rules

How to make COVID-19 mask-wearing a habit: Social scientists offer some suggestions

Summer Hobbies to Pass the Time

These Board Games Are So Fun They've Literally Won Awards


Doomscrolling Through Bad News on Your Phone all the Time? Here Are 4 Tips to Quit

Pandemic Lockdown Just For Older People? No!

Parents Share Their Biggest Back-To-School Concerns for Fall 2020

The best place for children during the pandemic? It may actually be in school

A User's Guide To Masks: What's Best At Protecting Others (And Yourself)

The Best Kids' Cloth Face Masks - Fatherly

This Is How Long a Person Is Still Contagious After Recovering From COVID-19

The Best Camping Games to Try This Summer


How the Modern World makes us Mentally Ill 

Shaming a child for behavior doesn’t work—here’s what does

Gottman: Couples that stay together argue differently 

Dr. David Samadi: It's Safe to Bring Children Back to the Classroom This Fall

17 summer activities and your risk of getting COVID-19

An Infectious Disease Doctor's Verdict on Swimming Pool Safety During COVID-19

Coping With Covid Stress is Hard For Kids. Play Therapy Can Help.

How to practice morning meditation — and why it might be one of the best times to meditate

Florida mom writes children's book to help explain social distancing to kids

China Appears to Have Tamed a Second Wave of Coronavirus


Loss of Safe Space for LGBTQ+ during Pandemic 

No, Some Kids Aren't "Naturally" Able to Play Independently – It's a Skill They Can Learn

Indoor rinks, pools, arts events can open in Saskatchewan on July 6, province says

This new COVID-19 elevator rule is going to shock you

These Parents Are Teaching Their Kids Life Skills During an At-Home "Common Sense" Summer Camp

Does Hand Washing Still Matter?

Canada's food insecurity problem is about to get worse due to COVID-19, experts say


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should And The Outdoor Exerciser: Advice For Runners, Bikers, Walkers, Hikers

Saskatchewan's north short on child psychologists

How Can I Attempt to Break My Child’s Bad Habits?

Supporting our youngest children in the time of COVID 

First Nations’ Principles of Learning 

Gottman: Helping Black Men talk about Mental Health


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    • Many years ago when developing our outreach to Youth in Detention in the Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, we had solicited Jerry Goebel to help train our volunteers. Jerry had developed a program called LifeCoach. It was a...

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    • A Compelling Life... is filled with gentle invitations to reflect on life in all its' richness, beauty, joy, and sorrow. As a Catholic parent, I have worked with Jerry and his Web resources personally and...

      Dr. Dobie Moser, Catholic Family Ministries
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    • I have had the privilege of both watching Jerry work with youth and being taught by Jerry to use his methods with others. There are so many things I appreciate about it. The first thing I noticed is...

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