Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#15)

COVID 19 Links


Bill Nye's minute-long PSA on mask-wearing is as simple as it is effective

Factbox: Canadian provinces and their plans to reopen schools amid COVID-19

PHOTOS: How Hong Kong Reopened Schools — And Why It Closed Them Again

Canada's cautious school reopening plans leave moms in the lurch

Increased time on devices can help isolated kids stay connected — but what are they up to online? | CBC News

Kids Feel Pandemic Stress Too. Here's How To Help Them Thrive

Think you or someone you live with has coronavirus? What you should know and do


Lack Of Unity Is A Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus, WHO Chief Says In Emotional Speech

Wear Masks

Making Amends

Coronavirus FAQ: How Do I Protect Myself If The Coronavirus Can Linger In The Air?

Are pools and lakes safe during the COVID pandemic? What we know

The Best Playground Sets You Can Buy Online — For Every Budget


I’m an epidemiologist and a dad. Here’s why I think schools should reopen.

How parents' psychological control may lead to young adult students' fear of failure

Kids' physical activity before age 5 matters so much because of the developing brain

COVID-19 lockdown is tough on kids. Here’s what parents can do

Kids Need Good Sleep as Much as Nutrition and Exercise

‘If we had to go back to school I’d be furious’: Kids on pandemic life

Face It: You Need A Mask

Ask Ethan: What Is The Science Behind Wearing A Mask?

Children's Books Featuring Boys of Color You'll Want to Buy Now


7 Habits Of Highly Emotionally Intelligent Kids

A Psychologist-Approved Alternative To Putting Kids In Timeout

Tired of social distancing? Here’s how to fight “caution fatigue.”

The Post-COVID-19 Playdate Checklist Every Parent Needs

Board Games That You Can Play With Your Toddler

Worried about kids not wanting to wear a mask if schools reopen? Here are some tips


We Are Family Podcast, Episode 5: How To Be A Good Foster Parent

These errors in our thinking explain irrational behaviour that occurs during a crisis

U.N. Predicts Rise In Diseases That Jump From Animals To Humans Due To Habitat Loss

National Geographic Family Summer Camp Is Open (from Your Computer)


Uncertainty surrounds returning to school for immunocompromised students, teachers

Bill Gates Predicted People with This Critical Skill Will Thrive in the Future of Work

To build a resilient world, we must go circular. Here's how to do it

White parents: Talk to your kids about racism to raise more empathic adults

Texas doctors rank (1-9) the risks of catching COVID-19 In these activities

This map shows why it would be 'terrifying' to open Canada-U.S. border

School division reaches out to on-reserve pupils

Masks are effective only if you wear them properly. Here's the right (and wrong) way

What We Lose When We Hide Our Smiles Behind a Mask

Don’t Be Afraid Of Robert Munsch’s ‘Love You Forever’

No Kindle Needed: 10 Free eBook Reader Apps for Your Phone or Tablet


COVID-19 GIF Pointed Humor 

We Have a Cheap, Effective Way to Keep Ourselves Safer From COVID-19. Why Are We Fighting About It?

They May Think They’re Invincible, But Teens Can Get Really Sick With COVID-19 Too to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Waterhen Lake First Nation youth build home

WHO’s early years childcare guidelines have changed - Here’s everything you need to know

Seven things to understand about your teen, according to a veteran teacher and father of five

Volunteering, mutual aid and lockdown has shifted our sense of 'happiness'

Walmart Just Made a Bold Move That Families Are Going to Love. It's a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

Road Trip Math Games | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

7 Essential Money Making Conversation to Have With Your Kids

It's Not Indulgent to Admit You've Been Struggling in Recent Months. It's Smart to Ask for Help


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