Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#16)

COVID 19 Links


Your 'Doomscrolling' Breeds Anxiety. Here's How To Stop The Cycle

New Study Says Older Kids Spread Coronavirus As Much As Adults

9 Children's Books Filled With Fantasy | Parenting Tips & Advice | PBS KIDS for Parents

Fitness: How do we get our kids moving during the pandemic?


Gottman: Emotional Supportive Parenting 

The key metric that will tell us if Canada is headed for a U.S.-style COVID-19 crisis

Why more young people are getting sick in the latest Covid-19 outbreaks

Do masks reduce your oxygen levels? Your COVID-19 questions answered

Practice Math Skills with Sidewalk Math | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents


5 Helpful things to say to a friend whose anxiety is skyrocketing (and 3 to avoid)

We Could All Use Some Psychological First Aid

Early COVID-19 Vaccine Results Look 'Really Encouraging,' Says NIH Boss Dr. Francis Collins

One habit could drive the risk of severe Covid-19 in young adults — study

After Cruise Ships and Nursing Homes, Will Universities Be the Next COVID-19 Tinderboxes?

Mapping the Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak Around the U.S. and the World

Experts worry about pandemic's impact on kids, regardless of how schools reopen

What We Know About Kids and Coronavirus

Dyson releases more free science experiments for kids in quarantine

10 Ways To Get Your Child To Play When They're Used To Having You Around

Cardio, Yoga, Dancing — These 5 YouTube Workouts Will Get the Whole Family Moving


Love Is Medicine for Fear

A Play Expert Reveals What Kids Really Mean When They Say "I'm So Bored!"

10 Books About Mindfulness and Meditation for Younger Kids | Brightly

A New 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' Special Airs Soon To Help Kids During The Pandemic

World Youth Skills Day

KiwiCo DIY Projects for Kids at Home

A parent's guide to online school: 9 questions to ask to vet your back-to-school choices

What if e-learning didn’t work for your kid?

Unplugging From the News Can Spare Your Mental Health

Covid-19 risk calculation: 3 questions to ask before going out


I Taught My Teens Something School Never Could

Children's Books That Teach Kids About Emotions

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Conspiracy Theories Aside, Here's What Contact Tracers Really Do

14-Year-Old Sister Has Created Over 100 Chalk Drawings For Each Day Of Quarantine So Her Little Brother Could Travel The World From Their Driveway

New Report Says Schools Should Try To Reopen In Person For Elementary Students

"We failed children ethically and in three important ways. First and foremost, that we have done such a terrible job containing this pandemic. Secondly, that we closed schools ... abruptly without any good plan about how to transition to distance learning and without adequate infrastructure for so many kids. And third, that the moment we closed schools, we didn't immediately start planning about how to reopen them."

24 Books About Consent and Bodily Autonomy For Toddlers and Kids

Explore Agora: Augmented Reality app for Learning

Remote working is not working for the poor, the young and women, a new study finds

Personality can predict who's a rule-follower and who flouts COVID-19 social distancing guidelines


Apple releases funny working from home video - Geeky Gadgets

How Are You Telling Children the Story of the Pandemic?

COVID-19 is exposing the food deserts around Native American reservations

What You Need To Know About Protective Face Masks

A mask cuts your COVID-19 risk by 65%, experts say

How 6 Problem-Solvers Tackled Pandemic Challenges In Their Neighborhoods


This Doctor's Super Simple Tip for Making Face Masks Fit Better Is Going Viral

My Friends Want to Do Playdates, but I’m Not There Yet. How Do I Say No without Coming Off Judgy?

Need a parenting refresher? Check out these tips from Marbles

Do kids need face masks? Yes, and here are the 8 best options we found


Bill Nye's minute-long PSA on mask-wearing is as simple as it is effective

"Reasons not to wear a mask" is the funniest fake PSA you'll see anytime soon

Behaviour is about relationships. The DfE ignores this

COVID-19 has thrown our planet a lifeline when it comes to climate change

How your definition of 'happiness' may have changed during lockdown

What We Know (and Don’t) About Catching Covid-19 Outdoors

How to talk to your kids about going back to school (or not going back) this fall, according to a psychologist

Reopen the Schools | National Review


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