Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#18)

COVID 19 Links


Spotting signs of a student struggling mentally during virtual school will be an obstacle parents and teachers may face

The 3 Stages Of Raising A Teenager: Quarantine Edition

Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan

Get Ready to Homeschool This Fall. Here's a Checklist

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: America's Moms Are Running on Empty. We Need to Do More to Support Them.

Q&A Collections: Math Instruction

The Power of Routines | Parenting Tips & Advice | PBS KIDS for Parents


What's driving Canada's increase in COVID-19 infections? See the hotspots

Sask. students, teachers and parents wait as other provinces release school reopening details

What Parents Should Look Out For In Their School's Reopening Plan

TikTok Star with Coronavirus Warns Followers from His Hospital Bed: 'This Isn't Fun and Games'

25 Common Activities, Ranked by Coronavirus Risk

How risky is it to get a haircut, go to the gym? New gov't site has the answers

This DIY Water-Balloon Piñata Is Easy and Nearly Mess-Free, and Kids Absolutely Love It

DIY Shoe-Tying Board | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents


Use the Magic 5:1 Ratio to Improve All Your Relationships

Elmo Is Hosting a Virtual Scavenger Hunt on HBOMax, So Mark Your Kids’ Calendars

Researchers find COVID-infected children are major carriers, further complicating the school-reopening debate

What 6 Of The 7 Countries With The Most COVID-19 Cases Have In Common

What Are Parents Doing For Child Care? Here Are 3 Options (With Trade-Offs)

National COVID-19 exposure notification app now available to download


Why We Grow Numb To Staggering Statistics — And What We Can Do About It

Why Forgiving Someone Else Is Really About You

Here's What the Science Actually Says About Kids and COVID-19

Gottman: The Eyes and Trauma 


Let’s Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Not Kid Entrepreneurs

The invisibility of the single parent during COVID-19

Pediatric experts offer tips for children's mental health in transition back to school

Can Online Learning Be Better This Fall? These Educators Think So

The Pros and Cons of Pandemic Learning Pods

10 activities that expose you to coronavirus, ranked from most to least risky

Fun Kids Activity Books to Keep Them Entertained


Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Teach Your Kids To Rap In Virtual Classes

Q&A: How should parents talk to kids about going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic?

‘Pandemic pods’ and ‘micro-schools’: How parents are finding ways to help their kids — and themselves — manage schooling at home

Students create innovative ideas for online learning during Covid-19

COVID-19 risks for kids are low, must be balanced against cost of being out of school, doctors say

'Inadequate' government guidelines leave Sask. parents looking to other education options

Premier Moe warns against 'pandemic fatigue,' says increase in cases won't affect reopening plan

WHO says COVID-19 pandemic is 'one big wave', not seasonal


Why Young Americans Are Lonely Countries Reopened Schools. What Did They Learn About Kids and Covid?

Send Your Kids to Virtual Summer Camp with Neil Patrick Harris

Fauci urges Americans to get flu shot, as vaccine linked to lower Alzheimer's risk


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    • Many years ago when developing our outreach to Youth in Detention in the Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, we had solicited Jerry Goebel to help train our volunteers. Jerry had developed a program called LifeCoach. It was a...

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    • A Compelling Life... is filled with gentle invitations to reflect on life in all its' richness, beauty, joy, and sorrow. As a Catholic parent, I have worked with Jerry and his Web resources personally and...

      Dr. Dobie Moser, Catholic Family Ministries
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    • I have had the privilege of both watching Jerry work with youth and being taught by Jerry to use his methods with others. There are so many things I appreciate about it. The first thing I noticed is...

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