Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#21)

COVID 19 Links

Top 3 Links This Week

1. Youth Voices Today: Youth Perspective on COVID-19, from foster youth in SK, produced by Mercedes Redman of the First Nations University.

2. Georgia Teachers' Back-To-School Rap About Virtual Learning Goes Viral: Excellent Rap by a teacher calling her students back to a quality year of learning.

3. Humans aren't inherently selfish – we're actually hardwired to work together: Healthy reminder that humans are really hardwired to connect.



Youth Voices Today

WET Science Center At Home Science: Teeny Tiny Worlds - ThurstonTalk


Regina Public Schools' updated reopening plan includes cohorting, start dates

Some Sask. parents, students still worried about return to school in spite of top doctor's reassurance

Making The Best Of Virtual Learning: Some Advice From The Founder Of Khan Academy

Needs of Students During the COVID-19 Era


Georgia Teachers' Back-To-School Rap About Virtual Learning Goes Viral

Minecraft Education is perfectly suited for this surreal back-to-school moment

How many masks should my child take to school? Your back-to-school mask questions answered | CBC News

How To Tell A Real COVID-19 Contact Tracer's Call From A Scammer's

Daycare, Grandparent, Pod Or Nanny? How To Manage The Risks Of Pandemic Child Care


Humans aren't inherently selfish – we're actually hardwired to work together

How to Stay Healthy Going Back to School During the Coronavirus Pandemic

11 Tips For Managing Kids of Different Ages Who Are Learning at Home

Canada's Top Doc Says COVID-19 Is Under Control

What to Know About COVID-19 Tests, from PCR to Antigen to Antibody

Coronavirus: Children carry 'significantly more' virus than hospitalised adults

Free Courses to Maintain Mental & Physical Health During a Pandemic


Do Your Kids Need a Little Calm? These Mindfulness Activities Can Help Them Unwind

The risks of three back-to-school plans, ranked

During the pandemic, are the little kids alright? Survey shows COVID is taking a toll now and will in the future.

Getting a flu shot this year is more important than ever because of COVID-19

There is "no scenario" where going to the cinema is safe, say scientists


Pandemic now driven by 20s, 30s, 40s group, many asymptomatic: WHO

How Bars Are Fueling COVID-19 Outbreaks

Back-to-school questions on COVID-19 with Dr. Abdu Sharkawy

Kids are bigger coronavirus spreaders than many doctors realized – here’s how schools can lower the risk

Staying Strong During Lockdown Means Reaching Out — And Working Your Mind, Too

'I Promise' This Is A Message Book Your Kids Will Love

17 books to read if you’re feeling lost right now

Make a Butterfly Costume | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Apps to Help With Homeschooling

SUSAN HARTLEY: It's appalling that school is a refuge from family strife for many kids | SaltWire


The Science Is Simple, So Why Is Opening Schools So Complicated?

Rural Schools Struggle With Road Ahead In Era Of Coronavirus

7 Skills Students Need for Distance Learning

What We’ve Stolen From Our Kids

I Thought A Zoo: Simulated Games For Isolated Times


The strain on students with special needs

How to talk about back-to-school plans with your kids during a pandemic 

Masks to become mandatory at University of Regina campuses


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