Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#36)

COVID-19 Links 09.12–15.12.2020

Top Links This Week

The two top headings of this last week have definitely been Holiday Coping Strategies and the release of the COVID-19 vaccine.


Besides writing this blog for the Ministry of Social Services in Saskatchewan, I have created a protocol that helps young people articulate and live by their values. We are utilizing this protocol (A Compelling Life) with both the Ministry of Social Services and Youth Corrections with the Government of Saskatchewan. If you’d like more information about this protocol or the work I am doing, please e-mail me at


COMIC: A Kids' Guide To Coping With The Pandemic (And A Printable Zine)

NPR’s e-zines are always at the top of my list as great discussion starters with children and tweens. You can print them out and go over them together, discussing the information you find.

How to deal with loneliness and isolation over the holidays

It is highly suggested we do NOT travel over the holidays and remain in our homes with the people with whom we have been living. That means some people are going to be experiencing an isolated Christmas this year. Now is a good time to be planning strategies to deal with that isolation or help a loved one deal with it.

Vaccines alone won't be enough to lift pandemic measures quickly, doctor warns | CBC Radio

Dr. Fauci Says When You Can Get Your Old Life Back | Eat This Not That

Even though the rollout of the vaccine is outstanding news, we can’t expect the vaccine to end the pandemic by itself. Doctors (including Dr. Fauci) tell us between when the vaccine begins to affect the society-at-large and now, we must continue to follow the 3W’s. Wear a Mask, Watch your distance and Wash your hands. The vaccine will roll out steadily, but slowly and it’s a two-vaccine process. Until the vaccine starts impacting society, safeguard yourself and your family.


Last Week’s Links


This Photographer Has Been Capturing Heartbreaking Images From COVID-19 Medical Frontlines

Dr. Fauci Says When You Can Get Your Old Life Back | Eat This Not That

Fauci: It Would Be Terrible If People Choose Not To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Your home is a hotspot for Covid-19, studies say

Here’s How Today’s Young People Can Live a More Resilient and Less Stressful Life

How to manage expectations about holidays during the pandemic

Digital Self-Harm Is on the Rise, Study Shows

Kids Need To Learn To Disagree. Here's How To Teach Them.

How to restore your sense of control when you feel powerless

If The Worst Thing Your Kid Does Is Dye Their Hair A Funky Color, You’re Doing Fine

From anxious to thriving: 5 things that have helped me through 2020

Sask. restricting most private gatherings to household members only starting Thursday

COVID-19 fatigue, vaccine arrival lead to false sense of security in Sask. residents: expert


TIME's Heroes of 2020 | TIME

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety When You Have Anxiety Too

How to deal with loneliness and isolation over the holidays

11 Little Things To Do When You're Feeling Lonely During The Holidays

Check On Your Single Mom Friends—Like, For Real

Completely wiped out from Zoom meetings? Here are 5 exercises for an instant energy boost

Health Canada warns people with severe allergies to forgo COVID-19 vaccine


Bill Gates Predicted the Pandemic. Here’s When He Thinks It Will End and What It Means for You

Dr. Fauci says life can return to normal in just a few months if this one thing happens

Why "We Know The Vaccine Is Safe," Dr. Fauci Says | Eat This Not That

5 strategies to reduce addiction-like behaviours over the holidays


‘No one is safe until we are all safe,’ says national chief on the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines

Fauci confident vaccines can 'crush' COVID — if vaccine hesitancy doesn't get in the way

Vaccines alone won't be enough to lift pandemic measures quickly, doctor warns | CBC Radio

Canada introduces national compensation program for vaccine injuries ahead of pandemic vaccine rollout

Alberta unveils menacing COVID-19 mascot in new ad campaign

Microsoft’s CEO on the Power of Being a Learn-It-All | Next Big Idea Club


COMIC: A Kids' Guide To Coping With The Pandemic (And A Printable Zine)

Kids Are Anxious And Scared During The Pandemic. Here's How Parents Can Help

'The Perfect Storm': How Vaccine Misinformation Spread To The Mainstream

Safer Alternatives to Your Favorite Holiday Traditions

Ask a Therapist: How Can I Deal With Pressure to See Family for the Holidays?

9 Mental Health Ground Rules for Anyone Spending the Holidays Alone

4 Ways Tech Has Helped My Autistic Son


U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Warns 'Vaccine Nationalism' Is Moving at Full Speed

Dr. Fauci says to not let people in your home if they’ve done this

The WHO Just Updated Its Physical Activity Guidelines for the First Time in a Decade—And This Low-Intensity Exercise Is All You Need

4 Everyday Wellness Practices That Don’t Cost a Dime


COMIC: How To Avoid The Common Cold During A Pandemic Winter

A New Report Confirms Our Fears About Remote Learning's Impact on Students

What psychology can tell us about why some people don’t wear masks – and how to change their minds

COVID Questions: How Should My Family Handle a Coronavirus Christmas?

A Therapist Is Always a Good Idea, but These 13 Natural Anxiety Remedies Can Make a Big Difference Too

The 17 Best Toys For Imaginative Play (No Screens Involved)


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