Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#43)

COVID-19 Links 27.01.2021-02.02.2021

This Week’s Best Links

Yale is offering its highly popular 'happiness' course to high school students for free

If there is a way for you to get your teen’s school to include this course or a means by which you could take the course with your own teen, it would be well-worth it. This course has been taken (free) by millions of adults and Yale edited the content to make it more applicable to high school students.

Signs of Depression in Children During COVID-19

There is a worthwhile list in this link for parents to review distinct changes in your child’s behavior and see if depression may be a factor.

Canada Is Reminding People About The Signal For Help & What To Do If You See It

There are less opportunities to report domestic abuse during COVID-19. If you see someone making this hand sign, it is an international sign of domestic abuse. Also, this article includes strategies for assisting someone who has shared this signal with you.

Vice Principal’s Letter to Tooth Fairy on Behalf of Student Who Lost Tooth at School Goes Viral

This is a very feel-good note from an excellent educator—and vice principal—to the tooth fairy. It’s worth a read and a smile. Share this at your next meal (whether or not you believe in tooth fairies).

I Want to Be the “Yes” Mom Again

This mom realizes she has been dipping into the “no jar” too many times during the pandemic and she decides she wants to change her behavior.

Touching Your Face Is Riskier Than You Think

This is a written warning for adults, but it will also give you better insights to assist your children. Touching your face has always been a way to get sick, but it’s even more dangerous now.


This Week’s Links


Yale is offering its highly popular 'happiness' course to high school students for free

Giving Kids Choices Can Decrease Stress at Home During COVID-19

What are the different COVID-19 variants and why do they matter?

Johnson & Johnson vaccine provides strong shield against severe COVID, but raises concern about variants

Juggling remote work with kids' education is a mammoth task. Here's how employers can help

Students Respond to Adults’ Fixation on 'Learning Loss' (Opinion)

Indigenous Storytelling Month goes online during COVID-19

Youth shelter opens in Saskatoon

‘It disgusts me’: how a wealthy couple lied to get a vaccine meant for Indigenous people


Signs of Depression in Children During COVID-19

If You Have This Mask, Get a New One Now, CDC Says | Eat This Not That

Travellers should prepare for post-flight testing, hotel quarantine as soon as Thursday: Alghabra

Canada's Travel Rules Had A Major Update & Here's Everything You Need To Know

Don't like Canada's new mandatory quarantine? It's part of why New Zealand is now back to normal

'Searching for answers:' Saskatchewan records deadliest month of COVID-19

Parade of vehicles in Regina to thank doctor follows last weekend's protest outside his home


Canada Is Reminding People About The Signal For Help & What To Do If You See It

Canadian mask makers prepare for change as COVID-19 variants spread

There Are 4 Types of Hobbies—Here’s How To Pick the Right One To Fulfill You

3 Simple Strategies To Keep You Always Learning


Vice Principal’s Letter to Tooth Fairy on Behalf of Student Who Lost Tooth at School Goes Viral

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Is 66% Effective In Preventing Moderate To Severe COVID-19

2 Sisters On Enjoying Life: Instead Of 'A Drama Or A Novela, Make It A Sitcom'

35 Tricky Riddles That Will Keep Even the Smartest Kids on Their Toes

Opinion | Anti-maskers think the rules aren’t for them. Time to send a few to jail

Amid Covid deaths, schools aren't prepared to support students through grief and trauma

Sask. holds line on less-stringent restrictions than other Prairie provinces

CDC Warns Doing This Now is a Huge Mistake | Eat This Not That

From A Teacher: 6 Things The Pandemic Taught Us About How To Do School Better


3 science-based strategies to increase your creativity

40 Amazingly Funny Bad Puns to Share With Your Kids

10 parenting strategies to reduce your kids' pandemic stress

Behind closed bedroom doors, a teenage mental health crisis is brewing

Pain relief medications like Tylenol and Advil are 'perfectly fine' – but only after COVID-19 vaccine, experts say

Bill Gates Warns That a Next Pandemic Could Be 10 times Worse


You Can Watch This Video Of Michael Bublé Doing Random Things To Support Mental Health

You may need to start wearing better face masks

One mask or two? As other countries explore new options, Canada sticks to its COVID-19 advice

Miami Heat to welcome back fans with help of Covid-sniffing dogs

A Neurosurgeon Says the Sharpest Minds Do These 5 Things Daily

The Psychological Case for Adopting a Grounding Practice Before Meals—Even If You’re Not Someone Who Says Grace

New COVID-19 variant in Sask. would not trigger new measures: Dr. Shahab

CDC Scientists Are Proposing a "Path Forward" For Students to Return to School in Person

How to Practice Emotional Regulation: 5 Exercises to Help You Stay in Control

COVID-19 has changed university teaching – here are five things to stick with in the future


I Want to Be the “Yes” Mom Again

Kids Make Mistakes. How We Respond to Them Makes All The Difference

I'm a Mom and a Play Expert: These Are the 8 Everyday Household Items I Give My Kids as Toys

4 Diagnoses That Kids Can (And Can’t) Outgrow

Avoid preventive pain relievers before getting a COVID vaccine: Experts

Touching Your Face Is Riskier Than You Think

CDC Makes The Case For Schools Reopening

Mandryk: COVID-19 should enhance our views of mental health issues

Cancel travel plans, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urges Canadians

Bill and Melinda Gates warn of "immunity inequality"

Maverick Citizen: Bill and Melinda Gates: The world needs an inclusive vaccination response to end Covid-19 pandemic

Regular afternoon naps linked to improved cognitive function


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