Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#5)

COVID 19 Links


Looser COVID-19 rules mean more activity, but there may be some confusion

Warmer weather and debate over restrictions drive Americans outside while coronavirus cases rise

From California to New York, more Americans are headed outside — some for recreation and others in protest.

'The north is not uniform': A northern Sask. perspective on COVID-19 

6 free online courses for children to keep them busy during the lockdown

From Ella Fitzgerald To John Boutté: Jazz Festing In Place Presents Archival Audio

This six-year-old boy set up a joke stand to give neighbors a laugh during quarantine

'Scammers are taking advantage': Consumers warned of illegal advance-fee loans during pandemic

Sask. school officials worry some vulnerable students may be falling through cracks

How to choose your limited social circle as physical distancing rules relax


Yes, We All Have Quarantine Fatigue. No, That Doesn't Mean You Can Go Out 

7 mental health warning signs to look out for in your children during the coronavirus pandemic, according to experts

6 books a psychologist says can free you from anxiety and stress

How Teens Decide What They Want to Do When They Grow Up

Life in lockdown: Itching for a haircut? Here's how to self-trim

Children’s books roundup – the best new picture books and novels

The 10 Best Books On Climate Change, According to Climate Activists

Get Your Kids Up and Moving with These Fun Disney Workouts

10 simple games to play with kids to kill a bit of time

8 motivational apps to help put some pep back into your step | Well+Good

Aquarium asks that you please FaceTime these shy eels from quarantine


Teens Shoulder Adult Responsibilities Amid COVID-19 

COVID-19 is hurting children's mental health. Here are 3 ways we can help

Tiny Desk Contest 2020: Entries That Help Us Feel Connected

What to Do If This Pandemic Is Making You Hate Literally Everyone

If the grief you're feeling over the state of the world translates into constantly wanting to yell at people about how they're wearing their masks, this guide is for you.

Baby Books That Illustrate the Power of Positive Thinking | Brightly

The 'Cooking with Pixar' video series shows you how to create dishes inspired by your favorite movie characters

Why can I get a haircut, but not see my friends? Your COVID-19 questions answered


Creating a pandemic social bubble: A how to guide

Screen Time Overload? Here's How To Find Balance

Why it’s important to celebrate kids’ birthdays during a pandemic — and how to do it

Keep Reading Aloud to the Kids (It's Worth It) | Book Riot

Parents' guide to teaching, entertaining and comforting their children during the lockdown - The Washington Post

Kids Can Now Listen to Julie Andrews Reading Children's Books in Her New Podcast

'If The Trees Can Keep Dancing, So Can I' : A Community Poem To Cope In Crisis


Child Sexual Abuse Reports Are On The Rise Amid Lockdown Orders 

Opinion: It's time to accept that the point of school has changed

The point of school right now is to develop a new normal, says journalist and parent Lisa Selin Davis. She explores what parents, teachers, administrators and kids owe to each other right now.

Here's what you should and shouldn't do while you and your kids are physical distancing

An Unbelievably Detailed, Hand-Drawn Map Lets You Explore the Rich Collections of the Met Museum

The Kids in Quarantine Are Acting Out. Here's How to Stop Them

If Your Kids Miss Music Class (and You Miss the Break), You Need to Meet Ramblin’ Dan

How to avoid snapping at your partner (or kid, or roommate) during quarantine

Ohio County Prosecutor: Pandemic Puts More Stress On Families Dealing With Addiction

Beyond Animal Crossing: Game Recs For The Switch


Concerns arise following first days of new gathering guidelines in Sask.

How Canada plans to open up: Provinces outlining plans to ease COVID-19 restrictions | CBC News

Teachers Weigh In On Those Viral FB Memes About Catching Kids Up In The Fall

Boost your kid's at-home learning with these online resources

6 ways to build emotional resiliency in uncertain times

5 amazing YouTube channels you might actually learn something from

7 free online courses related to psychology, dealing with anxiety and more, that you can enrol in now

100 Kid Crafts To Do in Quarantine Because DIY Projects Are the Original Boredom Busters

Teachers Weigh In On Those Viral FB Memes About Catching Kids Up In The Fall

35 Picture Books That'll Take Your Family On Adventures When You're Stuck At Home

Coronavirus: How to be a good parent under lockdown? Follow the three Rs

My Teen’s Birthday Fell During Quarantine, So I Threw Him A Birthday Parade

How to effectively motivate your kids during the pandemic


No, You Should Not Have or Participate in a Coronavirus Party. Here's What to Know About Herd Immunity

Canadians have been told to stay home during the pandemic. Are we listening?

RT @HelNvass: Learning happened all day every day!

Ranked: The World’s 15 Best Virtual Tours To Take During Coronavirus

How to help young children regulate their emotions and behaviours during the pandemic

5 things college students should include in a plan for their wellness

All The Highlights From Canada's 'Stronger Together' Show

These Science Lessons Are Out of This World!

COVID-19: Parksville psychiatrist offers some mental health tips - Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Why We Should All Be Keeping Coronavirus Journals


Don't despair if your child is glued to a screen, it may be keeping them sane

50 Free and Fun Printables for Kids - Brit + Co

Coursera makes 3,800 courses free for unemployed workers across the globe | Pocketnow

35 Free Virtual Field Trips to take with your kids!

Kids' math at home: Think dice games, cooking fractions and ratios with chocolate milk


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