Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#60)

Year 2, Week 09 (60)



This Week’s Top Links

Our Favorite LGBTQ Picture Books for Kids

Some great reads for young people and their mental health this week. There are excellent books to sit and read with your middle grade children this week on both mental health and sexual diversity. Even if you just take a read through the summaries in the links, these books take you on an important journey. If you’re working with groups of children (education, corrections, social work), these should be a part of your library.

I’m keeping my mask on out of respect for others

This link struck a chord with me. I was an early-adopter to the mask wearing. As soon as I learned that it could help prevent others from contracting the virus—even if I was asymptomatic—I saw it as a civic duty to wear a mask in public. If it means that I can help lower the flak for others who are choosing to wear masks for other-than-social-reasons (having a compromised immune system or knowing someone who does, or having a child at home who has not been fully vaccinated), I still see this as a civic duty and sign of courtesy.

I’m a Pediatrician. Get Your Child Vaccinated.

Don’t let the anti-vaxxers fool you (remember many of the 12 leading proponents of anti-vaxxing are making money preaching their message). Your child will be safer when they are immunized. It will get to a point where the only ones catching the virus are those who refused vaccinations. It is already at the point where those who choose to be vaccinated are carrying the dead weight of those who aren’t. The virus is still a major cost and time-consumer on our medical systems, it’s also a drag on our economy. Don’t put your child at risk, get them vaccinated.

What doctors wish parents knew about COVID-19 vaccination

This article follows suit on the last article. In case one pediatrician can’t convince you, let a team of doctors tell you the scientific reasons to vaccinate our children.

Middle Grade Books About Mental Health

This is the second top list of important books for middle grade youth this week, but this list is specific to mental health issues for pre-teens and young teens. Read the summaries and order the books. I will be posting an increasing number of these kinds of lists as my emphasis on COVID-19 begins to wane. Look for more information about child and youth mental health. If you have comments or suggestions about this slowly transitioning emphasis, please send me an e-mail through my web site.

Women Left Their Jobs To Be Caregivers. A Business Coalition Wants Companies To Help

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has been hard on the economy and the hardest hit have been women—especially working moms. One business coalition wants to offer ways that companies can be involved in helping restore a fair economy to all participants, regardless of gender.


This Week’s Links


Our Favorite LGBTQ Picture Books for Kids

Here’s What To Know If You’re Vaccinated — But Your Kids Aren’t Yet — According to Experts

How COVID-19 is ending the stigma of online learning

Brazil Covid: Deaths plunge after town's adults vaccinated

Americans Are Done With 5-Days a Week in the Office. Here’s What That Means for the Economy

Canada won't rush reopening border with United States, Trudeau says

Half of the US is partially vaccinated, but experts say more work is needed to make the next holiday gathering safer

Lifting Sask.'s mask too mandate early could reward anti-maskers, leave gaps in protection: epidemiologist | CBC News

World anxiously waits to see where Biden will send America's vaccines

The 'Time Has Come' For A Global Pandemic Treaty, WHO's Tedros Says

After Its Superspreader Rehearsal, A Community Choir Struggles To Sing Together Again

6 Habits Of Highly Successful Remote Workers

Could a simple pill beat COVID-19? Pfizer is giving it a go


I’m keeping my mask on out of respect for others

Covid summer: Fauci warns US not to ‘declare victory’ despite lowest rates in a year

Brain fog? Why you may be struggling to think clearly — and how to beat it


The Covid vaccine means a return to work. And a wave of resignations.

Medical experts say our lives will be forever changed by pandemic

After Its Superspreader Rehearsal, A Community Choir Struggles To Sing Together Again

Moderna Scientists And Execs Warn That New Viral Variants Of Covid-19 Coming


I’m a Pediatrician. Get Your Child Vaccinated.

Denmark Debuts Digital Coronavirus Passport - Live and Let's Fly

97% of COVID-19 cases in King County are among unvaccinated people

Covid vaccine honor systems are as ridiculous as they sound

10 uplifting things that made us smile this week

EXTRA Gum Commercial, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” 


What doctors wish parents knew about COVID-19 vaccination

Why experts are convinced most vaccinated people don’t need masks

Variants of concern mean single-dosers must remain vigilant, experts say | CBC News

Canada could get stuck in COVID-19 cycle if vaccine hesitancy continues to grow -- and there's only one solution, medical experts say

China's stonewalling of Covid origin probe led Biden to reveal latest intelligence review

170 Hypothetical Questions That'll Give Your Brain a Workout


Middle Grade Books About Mental Health

CDC issues new guidance for summer camps after teens become eligible for vaccine

I Spoke to 23 Parents Who Are Vaccinating Their Teens Against Covid-19

Moderna Announces Its Covid-19 Vaccine Is Effective in Adolescents

Interest in vaccinations increased after CDC announced new mask guidance

Carolyn Hax: Think nature, nurture and experts for raising neurodivergent kids

The worst Covid hot spot in North America now is Manitoba, Canada.

Want to Raise Kids with Greater Self-Control? Science Says Children Whose Parents Play With Them a Very Specific Way Build More Self-Discipline

Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation

7 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids Who Like to Amaze People


Women Left Their Jobs To Be Caregivers. A Business Coalition Wants Companies To Help

Can teens get vaccinated if their parents object?

Despite a drop in cases, experts caution pandemic isn’t over for the unvaccinated

Half Of All U.S. Adults Are Now Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

You're Finally Vaccinated, But Don't Forget These 5 Precautions

Why some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks

For people like my mom, there may never be a post-COVID era free of masks and worry

Polling shows vaccine myths are persisting among unvaccinated people

The Simple Secret to Establishing Trust in Your Relationships at Work and Home


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