Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#7)

COVID 19 Links

We're excited to announce a new podcast produced by Mercedes Redman at First Nations University Canada. It is called Youth Voices Today and can be found on Facebook under that name.

These are young people discussing the effects COVID-19 has had on them.

Youth Voices Today


Want to Keep Your Immunity Strong? You Should Do These 4 Things

Obama, Malala, Jonas Brothers Send Off Class Of 2020 In Virtual Graduation


Virtual town hall meetings provide COVID-19 info to First Nations healthcare teams

I Just Discovered Virtual Disney Rides And Now My Quarantine Is So Much Better


The best way to avoid future pandemics? Protect the natural world

Yoga at home - the benefits of yoga for kids | The Journal Pioneer

9 foods that promote relaxation to help you keep calm

Video games that are great for kids

12 nature-based crafts and activities to celebrate spring (and keep your kids busy)

Ikea's instructions for building the best pillow forts are what every parent needs right now

Sexual Assault Awareness Week


High School Seniors Are ‘Making Lemonade out of Lemons’ With Graduations Online, at Drive-Ins and on Racetracks

With School Buildings Closed, Children's Mental Health Is Suffering

Could COVID-19 Finally Destigmatize Mental Illness?

Dear Grandma, read this before you visit the little ones

What joy means when there's nothing to look forward to, according to people who've lived through dark times

From a Bank Heist to Hogwarts, 6 Virtual Escape Rooms You Can Do at Home (Including 2 Free Options)

The 13 Best Board Games That Teach Kids Financial Literacy (And Are Actually Fun) | HerMoney


Finding hope in the time of COVID-19

New study reveals impact of coronavirus on LGBTQ+ community

Virtual Gay-Straight Alliance founded to help Sask. rural LGBTQ youth connect

With School Buildings Closed, Children's Mental Health Is Suffering

COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus Updates | FNUniversity of Canada

Grief For Beginners: 5 Things To Know About Processing Loss

Resilience Is The Most Powerful Skill Kids Can Develop Right Now

Why Walking Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health

16 Kid-Friendly Baking Recipes to Try With Little Bakers Right Now

Puzzles and Illusions To Challenge Your Bored Brain

Goodbye handshake: How do we replace the ancient greeting if coronavirus keeps us from touching?

Virtual proms, main street banners: How Sask. Grade 12 students are celebrating graduation


Sudden Obsessions, Tantrums: What Is PANS in Kids? 

COVID-19: Family fatigue is real and it's threatening your mental health in quarantine

Act Now To Get Ahead Of A Mental Health Crisis, Specialists Advise U.S.

So What Exactly Is The "Bubble Concept" — & Could It Make Isolation Easier?

Experts worry about effects of COVID on those with mental health issues

The Benefits of Mindfulness—Here’s How to Live In the Here and Now (And Why You Should)

VIDEO: 3 Tips To Make Your Face Mask More Effective

Mom's Disney-Themed Sidewalk Chalk Creations Will Inspire You to "Just Keep Swimming"

10 Apps Everybody Should Install During Lockdown


COVID-19: The kids aren’t alright, says new pandemic poll

COVID-19 isolation threatening mental health of rural youth

When Will This Be Over? Sesame Workshop's Tips For Parenting During A Pandemic

How to decide when it’s safe for kids to see their grandparents

No, your teenager's boyfriend or girlfriend cannot come over during the pandemic

35 Virtual Field Trips for Kids Who Are Stick of Being Stuck at Home

VIDEO: What to do when your brain is being a jerk | The Telegram

What's happening in the world is out of your control. These 7 strategies will help you feel better.

Harvard scientists think this may be the most important exercise you will ever do

15 Books For Tweens And Young Teens Who Are Reluctant Readers

15 Mindfulness Activities to Reduce Stress and Increase Calm

Some autistic people can’t tolerate face masks. Here’s how we’re managing with our son.

The Most Encouraging Things You Can Say to Kids

Banksy pays tribute to 'superhero' nurses in new piece donated to hospital

The Coronavirus Is Causing a "Perfect Storm" For Mental Health Problems in Our Children

Google launches ‘Read Along,’ a free app that helps young children practice reading

A Guide for Parents Navigating Lockdown


In 'Together,' Former Surgeon General Writes About Importance Of Human Connection

Sesame Street: Tiny Desk Concert

The absolute best free online classes for learning something new

What You Can Learn About Working Remotely From Mister Rogers


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    • A Compelling Life... is filled with gentle invitations to reflect on life in all its' richness, beauty, joy, and sorrow. As a Catholic parent, I have worked with Jerry and his Web resources personally and...

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    • I have had the privilege of both watching Jerry work with youth and being taught by Jerry to use his methods with others. There are so many things I appreciate about it. The first thing I noticed is...

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