Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (#4)

COVID 19 Links


Don't despair if your child is glued to a screen, it may be keeping them sane

50 Free and Fun Printables for Kids - Brit + Co

Coursera makes 3,800 courses free for unemployed workers across the globe | Pocketnow

35 Free Virtual Field Trips to take with your kids!

Kids' math at home: Think dice games, cooking fractions and ratios with chocolate milk


Commentary: LGBTQ youth lost safe spaces during the shutdown. These resources can help.

10 Questions To Help Socially-Isolated Teens Take Better Care Of Themselves

RT @NVanStyvendale: Today, #InspiredMinds and @STR8UPsaskatoon distributed our #COVID19 Care Kits to over 400 men in jail in Saskatoon. Tha…

'Be able to list who you have been in contact with' before you gather: Sask. premier

In coronavirus pandemic, do your part by staying healthy. Here's what doctors recommend

Here’s How 37 People React To A Sign On The Sidewalk Telling Them To ‘Commence Silly Walking’

Lost your cool with your child? Here are 5 easy steps to reconnect

Ten great science projects you can do with your kids

The 10 Best Books On Climate Change, According to Climate Activists

Opinion: What Our Children Will Remember

Brené Brown and Marc Brackett On Emotional Intelligence During A Pandemic

7 Spectacular Libraries You Can Explore From Your Living Room

Here’s How to Correctly and Safely Wear a Face Mask, Plus How Not to Fog up Your Glasses

Learning during lockdown: The best free online courses to get involved with

Parenting Tips: 7 reasons why playing is important for your child’s development

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts To Make With Stuff You Have At Home

The happiness professor's guide to finding pleasure and purpose in lockdown

The 15 coding languages with the highest salaries, and how to learn them online at no cost

Random House Children’s Books to Launch Magic Tree House Adventures Program

The big family lockdown quiz: 100 questions for all to enjoy

Worried about your kids' screen time? Try one of these educational video games

Coronavirus, Brain and Youth 


Saskatchewan to start reopening from the coronavirus pandemic on May 4

Saskatoon Tribal Council to deliver meals to 435 houses daily

Young people don’t get a pass with COVID-19

'There isn't consistency:' COVID-19 response varies for children in care

23 Famous People Who Look A Weeeeee Bit Different In Quarantine

Wearing sweats, growing beards, dyeing their hair — they're just like us.

This excellent free site will teach your child to play chess during lockdown

Hubble Turns 30 Today. Here Are Its 10 Best Photos | Digital Trends

How to listen to your loved ones with empathy when you yourself are feeling the strain of social distancing

The 9 Questions Parents Need To Ask at Stressful Times

The key to good mental health in quarantine is in the food you eat

Windowsill Edibles

Kids' Workbooks Are Selling Out Fast, so You May Want to Grab These

Dr. Anthony Fauci, John Legend, Angelina Jolie and More: Highlights from the TIME 100 Talks


Not Forever, But For Now 

12 Virtual Walking Trails Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now (Video)

In a matter of weeks, the terms shelter in place, self-isolation, and quarantine have become buzzwords, giving definition to many people’s new reality: staying home. Zoom happy hours have replaced post-work drinks and once-neglected home projects are finally getting finished.

5-Minute Crafts for Kids That Create Hours of Entertainment

11 podcasts to listen to when you are losing it

Experience America’s National Parks in This Uniquely Incredible Way

3 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Build Resilience During COVID-19

Canadian Students Who Volunteer Over The Summer Can Get Up To $5000

Where to Buy Face Masks for Kids

Burping Bags and Dancing Raisins: Tricks for Teaching Science During a Pandemic

What to do when anxiety affects your sleep

7 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Entertained (and Get Crafty) - Bobby Berk

16 Activity Books And Journals That Are A Great Way To Pass The Time


How Teens Are Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic

Our Kids Are Feeling Lonely In Lockdown. Here Are 10 Ways to Help

Homeless Families Face High Hurdles Home-Schooling Their Kids

Shawn Mendes: Here Are 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

This Is A Good Time To Start A Garden. Here's How

5 ways parents can support their college-age children who've been forced to return home due to COVID-19

Is Your Kid Acting Out, or Just Sad?

Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces Virtual School Program, #EduHam at Home | Playbill

Time For A Smile Break: Here Are 20 Wholesome Things People Are Doing In Quarantine This Week

‘Classical 100’ music education resource made free for families in lockdown

HISTORY Launches Free “History at Home” Lessons

Saying 'Calm Down' to Anyone Doesn't Work, Especially Your Kid

Here Are Some Illustrations That Show Just How Good the Pandemic Has Been for the Environment

Earth School launched to keep students connected to nature

How to Build a Fort Indoors with Your Kids - Detroit and Ann Arbor Metro Parent

Time Live Talks: Finding Hope


COVID-19 in Sask: Top doc says physical distancing must continue until there is vaccine or immunity

Our Kids Are Desperately Lonely In Lockdown. Here Are 10 Ways to Help

What to Put in a Covid-19 Emergency Home-Care Kit

Most people who get sick from the coronavirus won’t be going to the hospital. Here’s what doctors say you need to be ready at home.

Indigenous Stories Streaming Now

Easy Ways for Teachers and Parents to Use Atlas Obscura at Home

Top iPhone games gone free

7 Habits of the Happiest People (That Most of Us Rarely Practice)

6 Cures For Stress During Shelter In Place

Age-by-age guide to the best educational apps for kids

Parent Burn Out During Coronavirus

Udemy Has 100,000 Online Courses, Here Are 12 Of The Best Ones

Cheeseburger Cups

30 Mug Cake Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

School Officials Are Scrambling to Connect With Homeless Students

Your Kid's Baby Talk & Tantrums Are Normal Reactions To The Quarantine, Experts Say

How Closed Schools Are Creating More Trauma For Students - MindShift

Explore Washington, D.C. From Home With This Free, Smithsonian Scholar-Led Tour

Disney & National Geographic Are Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day With Tons of Virtual Activities

Don't turn your home into school ... the Lego professor of play on lockdown learning

Hunched Over Your Computer All Day? These Stretches Are For You


Wellness Together Canada

Comic: Fake News Can Be Deadly. Here's How To Spot It

Brad Pitt Gives Weather Report on John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ Show

The 56-year-old Oscar winner made a split-second cameo on the weekly positivity show.

School Counselors Have A Message For Kids: 'It's OK To Not Be OK'

The 10 Best Performances From the ‘One World: Together at Home’ Concert

10 Destinations Where You Can Spot Bigfoot and His Cryptid Friends

15 Dog Posts From This Week That We Need Now More Than Ever

U.S. coronavirus closures put homeless students at risk

Low Tech/No Tech Distance Learning

Watch the Best Performances From the One World: Together at Home Global Concert

Sir David Attenborough and Danny Dyer confirmed for BBC kids lessons

Blue Ivy Tries the Popular Pepper and Soap Experiment For an Adorable Handwashing PSA

It Will Get Easier

The world’s your classroom: 10 fun ways to home school

19 Cute Non-Medical Masks You Can Buy Online

All of these are reusable, washable, and, of course, super cute.

You Can Take a Virtual Diving Tour of America’s Marine Sanctuaries

The Homeschooling Guide for Non-Homeschoolers

Dear Therapist: My Sister Is Really, Deeply Struggling With Her Mental Health During the Pandemic

Coronavirus: 5 tips to keep kids entertained at home during quarantine

For Tons Of Fun Without Leaving The Yard, These Are The Best Backyard Games On Amazon

Google's AR animals turn you into a Tiger King at home. Try it yourself

How to use Tabletop Simulator to play almost any board game online

“TIME for Kids” Launches New Interactive Video Series

Take A Break Mom! Michelle Obama Will Read Children's Books To Your Kids

Dear Parents: You Don't Have to Be Perfect, Just Be Real

IF THERE’S A UNIVERSAL through line in every conversation I am having with parents of school-age kids right now, it is this: “I miss my children’s teachers so much. When do we get to see them again?”


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