Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus, special focus on Teen Mental Health (#68)

Year 2, Week 18 (68)

COVID-19 & Teen Mental Health


This Week’s Top Links

Watch The Lion King cast sing "Circle of Life" together on first day of rehearsals

This first Lion King rehearsal after Broadway was closed for a year is truly a tear-jerker. It is a sign of hope in the midst of few other good-news signs this week. If you’re only going to look at one link this week, make it this one.

As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger

As the variants begin to strengthen and reach across vaccinations, an increasing number of people are running out of patience with those who are choosing to not get vaccinated. Many countries that were doing well with lowering COVID rates, are now seeing them rocket again as the virus begins to adapt, become more contagious and cross over to the vaccinated. In addition, people want this over and see it is not going to occur as long as there is a hold out core of people who won’t listen to the science. Once again, we’re facing mask mandates and those going to school this fall will not be going there in a mask-free environment. This could all be so much better, but it won’t improve unless more people are vaccinated.

7 Sneaky Signs Your Kid Is Dealing With Reemergence Anxiety

Re-Emergence Anxiety, a lot of people—not just kids—are experiencing it. Here’s how to recognize the signs and how you can help someone else.

5 scathing cartoons about Fox News' mixed vaccine messaging

Though their correspondents have been largely vaccinated, this Opinion Channel is largely responsible for a plethora of false information about Covid, masking and vaccinations.

The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization

It’s not just one country that is experiencing toxic polarization, but families, workplaces, indeed, most place people interact and don’t know how to accept that others will have differing opinions and that’s not a personal attack.

Everyone Should Wear A Mask In Schools, Vaccinated Or Not, U.S. Pediatricians Say

Because of the increase in virility of variants and the lack of vaccinated people, children—and teachers—are going to have to mask up again when school reopens this year.

150 Words of Encouragement for When You Need a Mental Pick-Me-Up

Are you feeling listless? Down on yourself? Do you need some healthy statements to augment your mindfulness routine or encourage someone else? Here are over a hundred that you can use.


This Week’s Links


As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger

The Republican Reckoning on COVID Vaccines Has Finally Arrived

The Return of Indoor Mask Mandates in America

The floodgates have opened for vaccine mandates

States With the Best (and Worst) Vaccination Rates in the U.S.

‘What’s Covid?’ Why People at America’s Hardest-Partying Lake Are Not About to Get Vaccinated

After 47-year-old grandma dies of COVID, husband regrets vaccine refusal excuse


Watch The Lion King cast sing "Circle of Life" together on first day of rehearsals

Those Who Share a Roof Share Emotions

9 Self-Soothing Products That Help Kids With Anxiety Work Through Their Worries (Without Medication)

Op-Ed: Everyone should mask up, because kids aren’t vaccinated

Don't Go Here Even if It's Open, Experts Warn | Eat This Not That

Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams says pandemic is "spiraling out of control again" because of unvaccinated Americans

An Alabama mother who lost her son to covid says not getting the vaccine is her biggest regret


7 Sneaky Signs Your Kid Is Dealing With Reemergence Anxiety

Teens Asked, We Answered: The Truth About COVID-19 Vaccines

Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Immunity

Germany mulls restrictions for unvaccinated people if COVID cases rise

Opinion: Unvaccinated adults, L.A. Times readers are infuriated with you

Meet the unvaccinated: Why some Canadians still haven't had the shot | CBC News

The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot

Covid-19 cases surge nationwide as vaccination rates plummet from spring highs

Large study finds COVID-19 is linked to a substantial drop in intelligence

Republicans unleashed a deadly vaccine skepticism. Can they now contain it?

Florida Leads U.S. in Covid-19 Cases as Hospitalizations Surge

'You do not know what you're talking about': Fauci excoriates Rand Paul

Covid-19 Vaccine Holdouts Face Restrictions in Europe as Delta Variant Spreads

‘I’m at Breaking Point’: Radio Host Who Regrets Mocking Vaccines Is ‘Fighting for His Life’


5 scathing cartoons about Fox News' mixed vaccine messaging

Epidemiologist says the Delta variant is ‘Is 200x more contagious than the original variant’

We may finally know why the delta variant of coronavirus is so infectious

Is Indoor Dining Still Safe with the Delta Variant Spreading Right Now?

If college campuses are embracing vaccine mandates, businesses should, too

Not swayed by experts — or Dolly: Tennessee vaccination rates stall as delta spreads

Republican leaders struggle to keep their vaccine story straight

As Covid cases rise, some conservatives make surprising course correction on vaccine ahead of 2022 midterms

Nurse says patients in ICU with Covid-19 begging for vaccine

SoCal man, 34, who mocked vaccines dies of COVID-19

Talk radio host hospitalized with COVID regrets vaccine hesitancy, brother says


The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization

Neuroscientists Tell Us the First Things They Do Every Morning for Peak Brain Health

25 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

Delta variant danger zones: The 20 most vulnerable counties in the U.S. right now

'Just get the stupid shot': Unvaccinated mom who got Covid-19

‘I think people are underestimating how bad this is going to get': Dr. Ashish Jha on the delta variant

Delta Variant Will 'Find Everybody Not Immune,' Warns Mayo Clinic Vaccine Expert

One year later, Ted Cruz haunted by ridiculous COVID prediction

Alabama governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ as pandemic worsens


Everyone Should Wear A Mask In Schools, Vaccinated Or Not, U.S. Pediatricians Say

Researchers find air filtration systems provide an added layer of protection in classrooms

Mental health: these songs are proven to reduce stress

Can You Safely Hang Out with Unvaccinated Friends? Here's What Doctors Recommend

Two Pfizer, AstraZeneca doses work against Delta variant: study

Fox News has undermined vaccination efforts and threatened public health. Now it’s trying to scapegoat undocumented immigrants for COVID-19.

Why the Delta variant is spreading so much faster than other coronavirus strains

What Vaccinated People Should Really Know About the Delta Variant’s Threat to Them

Doctor reflects on COVID patients: 'I'm sorry, but it's too late'

COVID: the reason cases are rising among the double vaccinated – it's not because vaccines aren't working

COVID-19 surges in Florida and Texas show the risk to vaccinated residents 'is effectively zero,' officials say

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' Recommendation On The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Turning Heads

Hilarious photoshop pics father sends his girlfriend while babysitting


150 Words of Encouragement for When You Need a Mental Pick-Me-Up

What top pediatricians want you to know about the delta variant and children

Personal Resilience for Mental Health: 5 Habits to Support Well-Being During Times of High Stress

Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Helping Create Deadlier Versions of Covid

Letters to the Editor: ‘I’ve had enough’: Readers are furious at vaccine refusers

Vaccination in America Might Have Only One Tragic Path Forward

Nearly 73 million Americans live in counties with high Covid-19 infections. It's time to reset and put masks back on, expert says

Should You Wear a Face Mask to Protect Yourself From the Delta Coronavirus Variant?

Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine ineffective against the Delta variant

Opinion | Fox News' Covid vaccine lies deserve real consequences

Rep. Scalise gets vaccinated after holding out, calls shot "safe and effective"

Covid-19 vaccine myths: These reasons for not getting a shot don't hold up. In fact, they'll set the US back

Highly contagious Delta variant now makes up 83% of US cases, CDC says

Covid plus overdose deaths drove down life expectancy in 2020

Noted Unvaccinated Trump Supporter Who Spread Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Dies of COVID-19

Benjamin Franklin on vaccination and a deadly virus outbreak


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