Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus, special focus on Teen Mental Health (#69)

Year 2, Week 19 (69)

COVID-19 & Teen Mental Health


This Week’s Top Links

CDC: After nearly 9M Pfizer shots for U.S. teens, serious side effects rare

If social media has you fearful about the side effects of taking the vaccine or getting your teen to take one, read this study. The chances of a side effect are extremely rare, the chances of catching the Delta Variant without being immunized are almost inevitable.

Supporting emotional, behavioral needs of children in the pandemic: Updated guidance

No matter where you are, as children prepare to go back to school again, it is in an environment of uncertainty. The Delta Variant is thriving and new variants are being identified (currently about 10 new VOC’s—Variants of Concern—are recognized by experts). Some haven’t even received their Greek names yet. The mask guidance is pretty clear that children (and educators) should wear masks this fall. As children leave home, re-emergence anxiety is affecting parents and children. This article provides a basic overview of supporting the needs of children at this time.

No more Mister Nice Guy

It is clear that the virus is not going away because some people won’t take the vaccine and some even refuse to wear masks. This week’s articles were full of articles about taking off the gloves and getting serious about mandates and restrictions on non-vaccinated, non-masking people. This will never be behind us until people put the common good over personal defiance.

Setting Boundaries

If you have friends or relatives who won’t take the vaccine or refuse to mask-up, you’re in for some difficult conversations. The Gottman Institute explains how to set boundaries—whether with a partner or other family members.

Need to Have a Difficult Conversation? Try This Simple 4-Step Method

Many of us are having difficult conversations at this time. If you need some guidance into having effective difficult conversations, read this short and simple guide.

How Teenagers Are Defying Their Anti-Vax Parents

There were a number of articles about people who were having to “sneak” their vaccines because of disapproving spouses and parents. One hospital in Missouri had to open a private wing for patients to get shots clandestinely. Other links discussed adults who had to hide their vaccinations from spouses. This article discusses teens who are getting vaccinated despite their parents wishes.

Survival Kits / Mindfulness Practices for Children 

There are a number of techniques/practices cited in this article to help children deepen their mindfulness abilities.


This Week’s Links


CDC: After nearly 9M Pfizer shots for U.S. teens, serious side effects rare

Take It From Them: Americans Hospitalized With Covid Regret Not Getting the Vaccine

Stanford epidemiologist explains how effective the COVID-19 vaccine really is

I Didn’t Get My 12-Year-Old Vaccinated For COVID — Please Learn From My Mistake

The really worrisome thing about the Delta variant (opinion) | CNN

Delta variant has spiked Covid-19 deaths in Africa by 80% in one month, WHO says

Graham's COVID-19 'breakthrough' case jolts Senate

Florida doctor to Gov. Ron DeSantis: 'Let us do our jobs'


Supporting emotional, behavioral needs of children in the pandemic: Updated guidance

Today’s Headlines: Delta variant brings alarm for parents of unvaccinated kids

How Will Delta and COVID-19 Change This Back-to-School Season? Here's What to Know

Canada Fines 2 Idiots $20,000 for Faking Their Vaccine Status

Fauci says unvaccinated Americans are "propagating this outbreak" as Delta spreads

Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Game Changing Warning | Eat This Not That

Local reporters in Covid hot spots push to break through to the unvaccinated

Unvaccinated Canada: Who’s left behind, and why aren’t they getting their COVID-19 shots?

How COVID vaccine, face masks pit personal liberty vs. the common good

A Psychologist Explains Why the Pandemic Has Destroyed Your Memory (and What to Do About It)

Fauci Says 'Things Are Going To Get Worse' With COVID Delta Variant

Evangelical Christians more resistant to vaccine than most other religious groups: WSJ

COVID-19: France makes life difficult for unvaccinated

'There are more consequences to Covid-19 than just death'

The Delta Variant Is As Contagious As Chicken Pox. Here’s What That Means

“Delta is a warning”: WHO concerned new COVID-19 variants will emerge

Florida breaks second alarming COVID-19 record


No more Mister Nice Guy Refusers Don’t Want Blue America’s Respect - The Atlantic

Letters to the Editor: Today’s anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers would not have done well during World War II

I'm An ICU Doctor And I Cannot Believe The Things Unvaccinated Patients Are Telling Me

Editorial: Our covid battle isn’t over; we must again mask up

Fauci warns 'things are going to get worse' with COVID

Matt Gaetz mocks Delta variant and calls Fauci 'sniveling little twit' amid record Florida outbreak

Florida Governor bans mask mandates at schools as state reaches new record for daily coronavirus case

Column: Canada just surpassed us on vaccinations. Good for them, and shame on us


Setting Boundaries

Opinion: The CDC needs to make clear: The problem is the unvaccinated

Muppet Babies for Non-Gender Confirming Children

Why the Delta Variant is So Concerning: What You Need to Know

The Delta Variant Is Winning - The Atlantic

The surge of Covid-19 infections for unvaccinated people is only beginning, experts warn

How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone

7 brutally funny cartoons about America's anti-vaxxer peril

Two travellers from U.S. fined $20,000 each for fake vaccination documents


Need to Have a Difficult Conversation? Try This Simple 4-Step Method

You Don't Have To Be An Olympian To Prioritize Your Mental Health

Study shows masks offer protection as COVID-19 infections tick up

"The war has changed": Delta strain equally contagious in vaccinated cases, masks a must, CDC says

C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox

If you aren't vaccinated and haven't had COVID, you will get Delta variant: Brett Giroir

And the ‘Stupidest Public Health Response to the Pandemic in the G7’ Award Goes to... Alberta (in Analysis)

“No, We Didn’t Get the Vaccine… We’re Republicans.” - The Bulwark

Fox Hosts Hit Peak Bizarro World: Tucker Lies, Says Fauci 'Created' Covid. Cavuto Calls Him a 'Good Doctor,' 'Vilified' Like 'Lex Luthor'

Texas Governor Bans Mask Mandates as Republicans Embrace Death and Disease

Christian Summer Camp Turns Into Nationwide Superspreader Nightmare


How Teenagers Are Defying Their Anti-Vax Parents

Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated against Covid-19 in secret, doctor says. They fear backlash from loved ones who oppose the vaccines

How Teens and Young Adults Can Recover Mentally From the Pandemic

Four Steps to Coax Young Adults (and Their Parents) to Greater Independence - MindShift

Sharfstein: ‘If people decide not get to vaccinated, they are essentially deciding to get COVID’

The US is returning to early pandemic surges and restrictions. It's time to compel people to do the right thing, expert says

Take the COVID-19 vaccine. It's the Christian thing to do.

Biden Plans to Require Covid-19 Vaccine or Regular Tests for Federal Workers, Pending Review

Google delays return to office, mandates vaccines

'We can’t have unvaccinated people injuring their fellow citizens': Inslee blames the unvaccinated for rise in cases - KXLY

Today’s Headlines: Masks on. Masks off. Masks on again at the White House

Infectious disease doc: If you’re not vaccinated, getting Covid is inevitable

Conservative Nashville radio host Phil Valentine now on a ventilator

Another coronavirus variant has reached Florida. Here’s what you need to know.

CDC Mask Guidance Made Easier: Check This County COVID Risk Map : Shots - Health News


Survival Kits / Mindfulness Practices for Children 

What Parents Need to Know About Authoritative Parenting

Delta variant update: CDC map lets you track COVID-19 spread in your county after indoor mask guidance

Memory Effects Of Long COVID-19 Can Resemble Alzheimer's : Shots - Health News

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia: There will be a decrease in Covid if employers require vaccines

EXPLAINER: Employers have legal right to mandate COVID shots

Are Anti-vaxxers to Blame for the Pandemic's Resurgence?

Understanding the unvaccinated

I’m tired of being nice to vaccine refusers

As Covid cases surge, the unvaccinated trigger scorn, resentment from the vaccinated

Dr. Fauci Just Said Four Words Every American Should Hear | Eat This Not That

The science didn't change, the virus did, Fauci says as CDC updates mask guidance

'Worrisome' Signs of Delta Being Spread by Vaccinated People Force Major CDC Change


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