Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus, special focus on Teen Mental Health (#71)

Year 2, Week 21 (71)

COVID-19 & Teen Mental Health


This Week’s Top Links

Educational psychologist: Teach your kids this important skill

With all the stress of the pandemic and more stress on the way as schools re-engage and we hear confusing messages from politicians about masking protocols, it’s good to focus on things we can do to help our children thrive. During this time, don’t forget to help block out time for your children to play; both unstructured and structured time are important. There are actually 2 important traits listed in this article to enhance your child’s well-being and ability to thrive; play and boredom

Column: We can't blame the unmasked and unvaccinated for being irresponsible? Really?

The author senses a lot of anger about the unmasked and unvaccinated. Anger is an emotion, it is not an action. This article does a good job of clarifying how to analyze and direct the anger we might be feeling as the pandemic continues and even surges back.

How to navigate this unnerving back-to-school season as COVID surges

It is unnerving to be a parent in these times as kids prepare to return to school. Especially in states where political amoralists seek to gain votes by denying the science behind vaccines and masks.

One simple principle: No vaccine, no go

It’s got to be simple—and impactful. The no-mask, no-vaccine issue is not an issue about liberty, it is an issue about public health. When people endanger the public health of others, there needs to be consequences.

Don’t Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The movie star turned politician who was the governor of California has a message for the individual who is refusing to mask up. “Don’t be a schumck.”

Pandemic enters worst moment for kids, experts fear

Initially, it was thought that children were not at extreme risk of illness from COVID-19, that has changed with the Delta variant. Because the virus continues to find opportunities to evolve, it has evolved to target the most vulnerable. In our population now, that is our children. If you’re not getting a vaccine for yourself, get on for our children.


This Week’s Links


Educational psychologist: Teach your kids this important skill

Actually 2 traits, play—structured and unstructured—and boredom

Column: We can't blame the unmasked and unvaccinated for being irresponsible? Really?

NIH Director Says 'Kids Are Very Seriously At Risk' Amid Delta Spread

‘Masks work’: experts on how to navigate Delta when you’re vaccinated

Should the Delta Variant Change Your Decisions About Covid-19? Here’s What Doctors Are Doing

New Zealand Is Locking Down The Entire Nation After Finding A Single Coronavirus Case

'We are on fire': Five U.S. states set new records for Covid cases as hospitalizations rise

COVID-19: Nearly 99 per cent of Toronto hospital patients unvaccinated

Just Stop Buying Fake COVID Vaccine Cards


How to navigate this unnerving back-to-school season as COVID surges

4 simple ways to manage your Delta variant anger

One simple principle: No vaccine, no go

On Covid, people are making the last mistake

John Oliver Blasts Parents Who Are Angry About Mask Mandates in Schools: “Upsettingly Loud Idiots”

"Recall Ron DeSantis" petition hits 35,000 target as Delta devastates Florida


Don’t Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pandemic enters worst moment for kids, experts fear

Op-Ed: Why vaccination hesitancy runs deep among the religious — and what we can do to reach them

New COVID-19 hospitalizations for 30- to 39-year-olds at record rate

School has 80 people exposed to COVID after parent knowingly sends infected child to class

CDC advisory panel recommends 3rd vaccine dose for people with weakened immune systems


Doctor laments amount of 'young death' as Covid patients jam Mississippi hospitals

As Children's COVID Cases Surge, There's Another Virus On The Rise

Child COVID-19 hospitalization rates hit record in U.S. — but not in California. Here’s why

'Your child will wait for another child to die.' Amid Covid-19 surge, Dallas County has no pediatric ICU beds left, county judge says

How Ron DeSantis’s Covid response became the model of what not to do

COVID-19 and travel: How risky is travel during the delta surge?


Covid-19 hospitalizations are surging again, but they're different this time

Younger and more preventable

13 States Are Seeing Record Levels of Child Hospitalizations

Here’s What Symptoms of COVID-19 Look Like if You’re Vaccinated

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Only 42% Effective Against Delta: Mayo Clinic Study

The U.S. Surgeon General Answers Your Questions on COVID and Kids: From Mask Mandates to a Vaccine Timeline for Those Under 12

COVID-19 in Canada: 'A fourth wave is underway' -- and one group is leading transmission, Dr. Theresa Tam says

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The term 'breakthrough infection' raises doubts about vaccines -- but it shouldn't

How to ask someone at work if they’re vaccinated

Over 800 physicians call on DeSantis to repeal anti-mask order in schools

Despite obstacles, Native Americans have the nation’s highest COVID vaccination rate

Hawaii Isn't Messing Around: Two Tourists Arrested for Forging Vaccination Cards | Frommer's

4 teachers died of COVID within 24 hours in Broward County, Florida. Schools there are defying Gov. DeSantis' ban on mask mandates

Never Forget Rand Paul Was a Super-Spreader Triathlete


Why the Delta variant is a serious threat to kids

Still Unsure About Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine? Start Here.

Florida doctor: My freedom ends when I endanger your health

America, This Is You. Grow the Hell Up.

Britt Maxwell Describes Chaos at TN School Board Meeting

Reshape Teens Social Setbacks

Greg Abbott Surrenders to the Coronavirus

Doctors Are Fuming About This Optional Surge

‘No One I Know Is Vaccinated’: Sturgis Rally Bikers Are Coming for America

CDC guidance now official: Pregnant women should get coronavirus vaccine

How the right kind of humor can boost your health

The real reason Americans are so angry all the time

How the 10-Second Rule Can Dramatically Change Your Conversations and Make You a Better Leader

4 Books Every Introvert and Overthinker Must Read


New Study Shows Just How Much Kids' Mental Health Has Suffered In The Pandemic

Stop Trying to Control Everything and Focus on What You Can Change; When all else fails, try radical acceptance.

“Act now” on global vaccines to stop more-dangerous variants, experts warn Biden

Man's entire family dies of COVID in the same week after refusing to get vaccinated

Here's why now is one of the most dangerous times of the pandemic for children, expert says

Unvaccinated COVID patients: Why they're changing their minds about the shot

YouTube suspends Rand Paul for seven days

Texas seeks out-of-state medical help amid COVID-19 crisis

U.S. urged to fast-track vaccine approval for children under 12 as cases rise

22-year-old who didn't think he needed vaccine dies of COVID after ignoring mom's plea

State of Gen Z personal finance: Are the kids alright?

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