Positive Links for Children, Teens and Families during the Coronavirus (Week 2)

COVID 19 Links


Trudeau's COVID-19 Address To Kids, But Make It LEGO

'Hamilton' Cast Reunites For Emily Blunt, John Krasinski And One Lucky 9-Year-Old

Global Citizen And WHO Announce 'One World,' A Lady Gaga-Curated Concert Special

Passover Celebrations Take Shape Differently To Work Around The Coronavirus

This Quebec Health Official Has Become A Sensation With His Coronavirus Tips

If You Want Vitamin C, These 7 Foods Are Better for You Than a Supplement

Reading Tips for Parents To Help Beginning Readers

7 Best Apps for Parents at Home With Their Kids

With Home Projects on Hold, Lowe's Encourages DIY Thank-Yous

Beyond sanitation and social distancing – a healthy circadian rhythm may keep you sane and increase resilience to fight COVID-19

6 positive mantras to keep you feeling grounded in shaky, uncertain times

How to help seniors get through the COVID-19 pandemic

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

The Best Free Education Apps for Kids | Digital Trends

The Kids Should See These Videos

Free Online Courses: Learn Coding, Game Design, Video Editing, and More

Need a good laugh? 53 funny things to ask Alexa to raise your spirits

7 Extremely Helpful Apps for Parents at Home With Their Kids

At-Home Learning Tips From an Educator Mom | PBS Education

5 absolutely free meditation apps that are like an exhale for your brain

9 Free Audible Books for Kids


How Multigenerational Families Manage 'Social Distancing' Under One Roof

Queen Elizabeth II Addresses U.K. In Rare Televised Speech About The Coronavirus 

The Coronavirus Is Hurting Travel, So Greece Has Begun Offering Virtual Tourism 

How To Get Therapy When You Can't Leave The House

Dear Therapist: What’s Your Advice to Parents Whose Kids Are Stuck Home During the Coronavirus Lockdowns?

Looking for Ways to Reduce Anxiety? Start By Limiting Your Facebook Usage

How to Get Motivated to Work Out, So You Can Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Four Core Priorities for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning - MindShift

The 12 Healthiest Dried Fruit Snacks Of 2020, According To Nutritionists

NHL And MLB Bringing STEM To Homes Of Young Fans

How Gratitude Can Keep Your Immune System Strong By Conserving Energy

LeVar Burton Reads Stories on Twitter and Other Livestream Learning Opportunities This Week

5 free online classrooms to keep the kids e-learning - including ABCmouse and more

The Reality of Covid-19 Is Hitting Teens Especially Hard


9 Things We Can Do to Stay Safe While at the Grocery Store

Justin Trudeau Was Interviewed By Kids About COVID-19 & Their Questions Were Intense

Sleep Is Crucial For Immunity: Here Are 3 Tips From A Neurologist

Disney offers free educational activities for families to do at home

How to live with anxiety disorders — and not develop one — during coronavirus lockdown

8 Slideshows to Soothe Your Soul (and Help With Homeschooling)

Working from home with ADD: Try these apps to stay on task

Former military commanders offer ideas for keeping sane, healthy in COVID-19 lockdown

Kids can splash into Ocean School from home | SaltWire

A Week of Make-Ahead Family Dinners (It Includes Pizza Rolls!)

Need a Change of Scenery? These Walking Tour Videos Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Tokyo, Paris, and NYC


Warning from police to parents: Keep a close eye on your kids' internet and app use

8 smart tips to help you sleep better during the COVID-19 crisis

7 Guiding Principles For Parents Teaching From Home

How to make your own face mask

Coronavirus FAQs: Is A Homemade Mask Effective? And What's The Best Way To Wear One? 

19 Relaxing Video Games to Play Inside

Pandemic anxiety is making us sleepless, forgetful and angry. Here are tips for coping.

The Little Gym is sharing free online gymnastics classes for babies, toddlers and school children


Here's How to Throw a Virtual Party and Make it a Success

Dog Insists On Petting All The Pups At Daycare

31 Times Creative People Decided To Make Quarantine More Fun By Crafting Or Building These Things

I'm the UK’s no.1 cleaning expert and here's my guide to cleansing your house to reclaim control of your mental health

With schools closed, kids face another type of viral threat: misinformation online

18 podcasts and apps to help kids fall asleep

'Stupid coronavirus!' In uncertain times, we can help children through mindfulness and play

Gibson is now offering three months of free guitar lessons during lockdown

Self-quarantine can be a great opportunity: 11 things you should try

Yale's happiness expert shares 5 strategies for how to stay positive when it feels impossible

Help keep coronavirus off your phone: How to disinfect your device without ruining it

Free online resources for creatives stuck at home

Make your own face mask—no sewing machine required

20 Pictures That Prove Cats Aren't Total Jerks

What the world needs now: The importance of friendliness during physical distancing

'We needed positivity': Online jigging competitions mixing traditional dance with modern tech


The New Rules of Grocery Shopping Under Quarantine

Working in a bio lab and writing for a health magazine for a decade taught me a few things about disease transmission and viral vectors—which might have something to do with why I’m a germaphobe. I’ve long avoided problematic surfaces from subway handles to hotel remote controls, thanks to dozens if not hundreds of doctors...

Human connection bolsters the immune system. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be kind.

One of the many cruelties of the COVID-19 outbreak: In a time when we most need the comfort of closeness, it forces us apart. But decades of research suggests that kinship, even from a distance, can be a powerful balm.

Starting Thursday, Dolly Parton will read bedtime stories to your kids

Country music superstar Dolly Parton wants to bring a little comfort to kids and families during the coronavirus pandemic by providing weekly bedtime stories.

5 yoga poses that can help ease anxiety

Yoga is increasingly being used to help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. Here are five poses you can do at home.

13 Tips From An Actual Therapist You Might Find Helpful Right Now

The Best Free Virtual Cooking Classes To Take During Self-Isolation

Social Distancing is Hard for Teens and Tweens, Here's How to Help Them Cope

Mental health checklist: 6 daily habits to boost your mood instantly

The 6 Best Brain Games for Kids, According to a Homeschool Mom Who Uses Them All the Time

Here’s what astronauts and submariners say about coping with self-isolation

12 Best Historical Fiction Books to Read

Acts of kindness help kids celebrate birthdays during pandemic

Learn How to Improve Your Mental Health With an Emotional Self Check-In

YOU SNEAK A PEEK at your Fitbit stats every 10 seconds. You look for suspicious moles after every shower. But when was the last time you checked in with your emotions? Last month? Last year? Five years ago?

Your Kids Can Take Virtual Art Classes That Require Minimal Supplies


How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)

8 positive parenting tips to connect with your child in less than 5 minutes

Things Go Off the Rails Quickly When a Father Lets His Daughter Cut His Hair at Home

The single most common factor for children who develop resilience is at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult.

These relationships provide the personalized responsiveness, scaffolding, and protection that buffer children from developmental disruption.

They also build key capacities—such as the ability to plan, monitor, and regulate behavior—that enable children to respond adaptively to adversity and thrive.

This combination of supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building, and positive experiences is the foundation of resilience. (Michael McKnight)

'Social Distance': A Community-Style Poem To Help You Feel Less Isolated 

Tips From Someone With 50 Years Of Social Distancing Experience 

The best video call apps to use while you're social distancing

Homeschooling Tips From Actual Teachers

Watch Seven Medieval Castles' Digital Reconstruction

18 Dog Posts From This Month To Help Get You Through This Quarantine

WHO encourages public to stay active even while cooped up at home during lockdown

Classroom Leaders Make Homeschooling Easier

COVID-19: Access school resources with new virtual education hub - Saanich News

Spotify Kids Is Here To Keep Your Children Busy While You're Stuck At Home

How to Relieve Stress Through Drawing, According to an Art Therapist

Wide Open School organizes free educational resources to help parents and teachers homeschool

These Authors And Illustrators Want To Help Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

Sesame Street Is Offering Over 100 Ebooks Free for Children and Parents

The penguins who were let loose in a Chicago aquarium met Beluga whales, and it's hard to tell who was more starstruck


Girl Adorably Lists 'Forbidden' Activities in Social-Distancing PSA: 'Do You Understand Me?!'

The child reminds everyone not to go outside — and to especially stay away from the mall

With The 'I Am' Books, You Are A Hero Too

We Need Art Right Now. Here's How To Get Into Poetry 

6 steps to master indoor meditative walking, because being mindful while stuck inside isn't so simple

In these uncertain times, validation is the best way to support loved ones

6 Best TED Talks You Should Listen to Right Now | The Manual

'Mental escape' pictures actually relieve stress. Here's what they look like

Kristen Bell Is Hosting an Hour-Long Nick Special About the Coronavirus For Kids

The Best Montessori Toys for Every Age

Family Of Orangutans Forms A Special Bond With Their Otter Friends That Share The Same Zoo Enclosure

Take a 3D Tour Through Ancient Giza, Including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx & More

Flip through Educational Resources for Kids


Here’s how to watch the iHeart Living Room Concert in Canada 

Kids Help Phone Link-Please Share (SK Child’s Advocate)

Bored and on a budget? Here’s how to read for free while social distancing

12 Wacky Ways To Occupy Kids That Require Very Little Effort

Short of masks? Sew your own: Malaysian YouTube lesson shows the world how to make a fabric mask – and goes viral

Museums Around The World Ask Their Followers To Recreate Famous Artwork At Home, And People Deliver (104 Pics)

Home is where the hearts are: Community movements in Sask. share love from a distance


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