Positive Links for Children, Teens and Parents during COVID-19 (Third Installment)

COVID 19 Links


Finding Sobriety Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Goop

With Senior Year In Disarray, Teens And Young Adults Feel Lost. Here's How To Help

Tips to help your kids understand the COVID-19 pandemic

The best wildlife livestreams to watch around the world

Dad shares clever parenting hack for keeping his kids busy in isolation

Zookeeper lifts Australia's spirits with adorable videos of animals

10 Backyard Games for the Whole Family (Because Everyone’s Getting a Little Stir-Crazy)

12 ways to make science fun for your kids at home


Quarantine Can Be a Mental Health Disaster for Teens — Here's What Parents Must Know

Teen's "Instructions for Not Giving Up" Is a Guide to Coping With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Think Indigenous Online Classroom filling the void

The One World: Together at Home line-up in full - and how to watch

COMMENTARY: Staying social during quarantine through video games

These 12 essential apps will make quarantine bearable

100 easy recipes you can make at home right now

4 Free Virtual Drawing Classes Hosted by Your Kids' Favorite Authors and Illustrators

How Feelings Charts Can Help Anxious Kids During the Pandemic

These Are the Best Podcasts for Kids

Decision Making and Adolescent World Views: The Daily Better Interview Part 2 – Positive Psychology News

Is It Ethically Okay to Get Food Delivered Right Now?

A guide to this and other pandemic food dilemmas

33 Moments Where Friends, Family, And Total Strangers Had Each Other's Backs In This Pandemic

In case you need a reminder today.

Call a Sesame Street Character for Moral Support

Post-secondary students in B.C. can now access free mental health services 24-7

The Best Free Reading Apps For Kids | Digital Trends

Take Storytime to the Next Level With Amazon Alexa's New Disney Stories Skill


Finding Hope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic | TIME

'It's heartbreaking': Homeless during pandemic left out in the cold — figuratively and literally

The Subtle Ways Your Kid Is Trying To Show You Their Coronavirus Anxiety

This App Helps Me Cook With What I Have Instead of Heading to the Store Again

The 30 best free online courses for coronavirus lockdown

If Your Teenagers Just Need Some Space, Get Them Hooked on One of These Podcasts

Six-year-old Langley comedian offers up daily humour on front lawn - Langley Advance Times

Disney Shared Their Recipe for Cookie Fries and We Can’t Wait to Make Them


Indigenous dancers performing through social media

Why You’re Child’s Upper Brain is So Important

Feeling Anxious? Here's a Quick Tool To Center Your Soul

Lincoln Elementary School students participating in ‘Virtual Kindness Challenge’

Coronavirus Panic: How To Get Your Thinking Brain Back Online

15 Great Card Games for Kids

How parents can protect kids’ mental health during the pandemic

Expressing individuality and creativity through masks

Thirteen free online resources to educate and entertain your kids

Why Art and Creativity Are Important for Kids

'Quite an amazing thing': Pen pal program connecting kids with seniors in Sask.


I’m A Child Psychologist And A Mom Of Teens — Here Are 4 Tips For Helping Teens Cope With Confinement

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Resources for COVID-19, self-assessment tool for testing, other supports 

A complete list of what to do — and not do — for everyone teaching kids at home during the coronavirus crisis

Build-Your-Own Taco Bar Puts Kids in Control

Experts answer your COVID-19 questions at CBC's virtual town hall

Animals that'll brighten your day

This Inclusive New Kids' Book Wants to Dismantle the Stereotypes of Beauty

Easy as 1,2,3: chefs on the 50 most simple, delicious three-ingredient recipes

The At-Home Mommy and Me Yoga Routine That’ll Help You Both Unwind

10 Ways To Build Your Confidence A Little Bit Every Day

The 7 best cooking shows on Netflix that will inspire you to become a better chef

The best online courses to learn in isolation

COVID-19 Forces Science Labs Online and in Homes

48 ideas to entertain the kids at home during coronavirus lockdown


COVID-19 Health Managers Weekly Virtual Town Hall

13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now

Need a change of scenery?

Life at home: foolproof recipes, how to disinfect your electronics, and more

Plus: homeschooling advice from actual teachers, how to disinfect your electronics, yoga stretches to cure stiffness, and foolproof tricks for flavorful dinners.

Feeling Cooped Up? Let Your Mind Fly Free With 'What It's Like To Be A Bird'

Wild Classroom Tiger Toolkit

Taking A Break From Screen Time While Social Distancing Is Possible — And Necessary

How to eat healthy even when money is tight and you have a family to feed

While You're Helping Your Kids With Their Virtual Education, Don't Neglect Social and Emotional Learning

The Value of Sticking to a Self-Care Routine

Where To Find Guided Reading Lesson Plans

You’re Not Imagining It If You Think Your Kid Is Regressing Right Now

Chef's guide to pickling at home

'In My Room'

The 22 Best Jarred Items to Have in Your Pantry, According to Chefs

11 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Dog So Neither Of You Go Stir-Crazy

J.K. Rowling Brings Magic to Quarantine With Launch of Harry Potter Hub

Here's How to Make All Your Pantry Staples More Nutritious

Ship Museums Offer Virtual Tours To Land Lovers Everywhere

5 Addictive Animal Cams You're Gonna Love

This New Disney Site Will Keep Families Entertained for Hours With Videos, Games, Recipes, and More


Your Kids Will Love This Free, 30-Minute Music Class (No Instruments Required!)

No, You Don't Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here's How To Shop Safely

Don't Be Discouraged. Here's How To Help During Coronavirus

40 Ways To Actually Waste Less Of Basically Everything

Make your food last SO much longer, cut down on your utility and clothing bills, *and* replace a bunch of disposable plastic. 

17 more links to keep you busy while staying at home

5 of The Best Fruit and Vegetables to Grow in Pots and Containers

3 ways to protect your mental health during – and after – COVID-19

Best Python online courses in 2020: learn or develop Python coding skills

How to Create Healthy Habits That Strengthen Your Family (Part 1)

5 ways parents can motivate children at home during the pandemic – without nagging or tantrums

Foods with a Long Shelf Life: 9 to Buy, 6 to Avoid

Pandemic 2020: Our Stuck at Home Guide to Food, Fun and Conversation

'It's really lifesaving': From getting groceries to babysitting, 'caremongering' brings communities together

#OperationStoryTime | Your Favorite Authors Host Story Time Online!


What would Mister Rogers do?

A realistic guide to maintaining friendships in lockdown

Celebrity chefs aim to connect and inspire with new quarantine cooking content

The teenage brain: what's happening and why

Let the children play: 4 reasons why play is vital during the coronavirus

Seven things you can do to protect your home from the virus

A former tattoo artist told us how he makes cakes that are so life-like, it's hard to tell if they're real or not

Parents, you can keep your kids safe online during the coronavirus

Artists mails art to cheer people up - 100 Mile House Free Press

Meet the podcaster helping a worried world fall asleep

During COVID-19, what kind of superhero are you?

From coronavirus to climate change, be the hero and stop talking yourself out of helping, humanitarian professional says

Mini Ham Quiches

The 12 Best STEM Activities for Kids (Using Things You Already Have at Home)


Parenting Tips: 7 Ways to Improve your child’s reading fluency

James Thurber, “The Night the Bed Fell” | Library of America

14 Positive Quotes to Help With Depression and Anxiety

This 4-Minute Exercise Is Fun, Easy and Scientifically Proven to Help Kids Focus

Picky Eating: 10 Fun Tips to Get Kids to Try New Foods - Unlock Food

5 Easy Art Projects To Enjoy During Social Distancing

'Dear Stranger': Connecting People 1 Letter At A Time

How Stories Connect And Persuade Us: Unleashing The Brain Power Of Narrative


RT @SaskHealth: These are trying times, but we all can work towards being in the Growth Zone. Take a moment to see which zone you are in an…

It Is Spring and the Tulips Are in Bloom: Pictures

How to Cultivate Resilience During the Pandemic

10 Magical Freebies For Your Unicorn-Obsessed Child

The 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique a mental health counselor swears by when thoughts spiral out of control

Parenting 101: DK Canada launches Stay Home Hub

Distract Your Kids With This Mesmerizing DIY Water Bottle Art

Learn sign language in 5 minutes per day with this app

6 Healthy Eating Tips While You're Cooped Up at Home

Apple Creates iPad-Based '30 Creative Activities for Kids' to Foster At-Home Learning

Does Your Kid Have to Wear a Mask Outside?

12 Free Things to Watch, Listen to, and Learn in Quarantine

You Can Now Tour the ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ Exhibit from Home (and for Free)

Sesame Street Is Going Prime Time

Life at home: foolproof recipes, how to disinfect your electronics, and more

Plus: homeschooling advice from actual teachers, how to disinfect your electronics, yoga stretches to cure stiffness, and foolproof tricks for flavorful dinners.

What to Put in a Covid-19 Emergency Home-Care Kit

Most people who get sick from the coronavirus won’t be going to the hospital. Here’s what doctors say you need to be ready at home.

Cooking During COVID-19: Family Meals And Fantasies Of Future Dinner Parties


Matthew McConaughey Hosted a Virtual Bingo Night for Seniors, and the Video Is Precious

RT @SaskatoonEMO: We are #InItTogether and can all do our part to lower the risk of COVID transmission. If you need to leave your home rev…

28 Popcorn Recipes Your Family Will Love

43 Unexpected Muffin-Tin Recipes You've Never Tried

A Bear Teaching as told by Dr. Brenda Restoule of First Peoples Wellness Circle

Family-friendly activities and resources for staying home | CBC News

Can’t leave the house? Take the kids on a virtual vacation

This site lets a barber tell you how to cut your hair via webcam

How to Trim Your Kid’s Hair at Home

Make Your Own Masterpieces With Hundreds of Free Coloring Pages From Museums

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and and 10 Other Universal Studios Attractions You Can Virtually "Ride"

Stream These Free Theater Shows When You Want To Have a ‘Night on the Town’ at Home

New NHS guidelines for asthma sufferers amid coronavirus pandemic

How to Disinfect Your Face Mask or Homemade Alternative | Hunker

Children’s story book released to help children and young people cope with COVID-19

How to Safely Grocery Shop, Cook, and Order Delivery in the Coronavirus Age

Six ways to keep your dog active indoors during lockdown

Bored with coronavirus sheltering in place? Check out these digital boredom busters

14 Best Street Food Recipes to Make at Home

To Engage Young Kids in Remote Learning, Start Simple - EdSurge News

No flour, pasta or eggs? The perfect substitutes for 20 common ingredients

The Online Course Everyone Should Take While Social-Distancing

The Best Streaming Content to Keep Kids Entertained

Literally Just Some Cute Animals To Distract Yourself From...Everything


Cuteness Alert: Zoo Miami Shows off Clouded Leopard Kittens

Dyson’s 44 experiments will teach your kids engineering, and they’re free

100+ things to do on the internet right now

How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Budget

33 Recipes Readers Are Finding Comfort in Right Now

9 Free Online Cooking Classes We Love

Coronavirus: 'Pets no risk to owners' vets stress

Put Down the Phone: 100 (Non-Screen) Activities to Occupy Your Kids in Quarantine

10 Superfoods That Support Your Immune System And Keep It In Peak Condition

Coronavirus despair: How can we reach out to teens to clear the clouds of depression?

10 Courses to Help Prepare You for a Career in Tech


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