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Mark your calendars for the Fox Valley Counseling Services Inc. Conference, 2017. It will take place at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, SK. on January 31 and February 01. Link to Fox Valley Facebook Page. The theme this year is "Preventative and Restorative Services - Working in Partnership for Reconciliation of our First Nations Families." Presenters include Cindy Blackstock, Duane Bowers, Eugene Arcand and Dr. Jerry Goebel.

Jerry will be giving multiple presentations including a breakout session on Jan. 31 from 10:15 to 12:00 on "Helping People Stuck in Adolescent Behaviours," and a keynote on Feb. 01 from 10:45 to 12:00 on, "Moving Institutions Beyond a Fixation On Control."

Jerry will post a blog with the overview of his talks on our Resource Page following the event. We hope to see you there!

School Training

Create a culture of engagement for adolescents based in a common glossary of values. Help adolescents dealing with trauma create a new narrative for their lives. Learn about the primary tasks of adolescence and how you can help young people set out to accomplish them. Help adults learn how to make curricula more relevant to the young people in your school.

Grandparent Training

Are you a helping parent or grandparent to your adolescents? Learn how to have empowering relationships that will set your grandchildren (grandchild) on the path to a meaningful and influential life.

Parent Training

Are you parenting an adolescent? Are you seeking ways to deepen positive relationships with the young people in your family? These workshops will help you raise optimistic teens and have optimistic families.


Are you seeking to create a culture of engagement and optimism for the parents and teens in your congregation? Would your church like to have an effective outreach to adolescents in crisis or adults in corrections in your area? We can work with your ministry team and offer training to those parenting (or foster parenting) in your community.

Personal Life Coaching

Are you stuck in your life or career and ready to move on to a new stage of development? Are you seeking to grow more relationships that add to the value of your life and increase your influence? Are you facing burn out from doing too much of the same thing over and over? Our Personal Life Coaching services will help you be more successful in your relationships, career, and lives as well.

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  • Many years ago when developing our outreach to Youth in Detention in the Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, we had solicited Jerry Goebel to help train our volunteers. Jerry had developed a program called LifeCoach. It was a...

    Ida Johns, Detention System Outreach
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  • A Compelling Life... is filled with gentle invitations to reflect on life in all its' richness, beauty, joy, and sorrow. As a Catholic parent, I have worked with Jerry and his Web resources personally and...

    Dr. Dobie Moser, Catholic Family Ministries
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  • I have had the privilege of both watching Jerry work with youth and being taught by Jerry to use his methods with others. There are so many things I appreciate about it. The first thing I noticed is...

    Adelle T., Social Worker
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